Gregg Popovich Veterans Advantage Awards TopVet: Gregg Popovich, NBA Basketball Coach of the San Antonio Spurs Air Force veteran and Academy graduate Gregg Popovich is a model of longevity and success. He has served as the San Antonio Spurs head coach for more than 16 seasons, longer than any other current head coach in the NBA. As he goes for his fifth NBA championship this week against the Miami Heat, he continues to pilot professional sports’ most successful team with his signature style of consistency and passion.
Nicholas T. Pinchuk Veterans Advantage Awards TopVet: Nicholas T. Pinchuk, Snap-on CEO and Army Veteran Snap-on CEO Nicholas T. Pinchuk is a proud Vietnam Veteran seasoned in the boardroom, lab, and factory floor, who brings a spirit of innovation and high-tech savvy to our nation’s pre-eminent tool supplier for professionals. A product of the ROTC program with a graduate degree in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Harvard, Pinchuk values teamwork and camaraderie. They make for superior employees, franchise operators and business partners.

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