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Veterans Advantage Awards

Awarding members of our armed forces and veterans who inspire us with their top leadership, major achievements, community service and other ways they continue to give back to our country.

Recognizing Our Veterans with Veterans Advantage Awards for Outstanding Service & Achievement


At Veterans Advantage, we are lucky enough to speak with current or former servicemembers every day. We recognize that many of these individuals have shown selfless service to country or exceptional bravery during combat. We call them our heroes, but they humbly tell us that anyone would do what they did. But, in many ways, anyone who steps up to serve to protect our freedoms and our country is our hero.

Veterans Advantage recognizes many of these selfless, brave individuals that continue to be our heroes whether they remain in the military or after service in their civilian lives. We seek to honor them for their outstanding contributions to our society, their major leadership roles in our military, and for top achievements in their chosen profession.

Our Veterans Advantage Awards recognize as TopRank the members of our armed forces who have committed their lives and attained the highest ranks of leadership in service to our country.

We award veterans who have accomplished the top achievements within their chosen profession as TopVets or Celebvets for those in the media, entertainment or sports industries.

HeroVet is awarded to veterans who, after having served, continue their public service by giving back to their communities or by making outstanding contributions to our society.

VetFamily highlights those men and women of high achievement in the public or private sector, whose family member is a veteran or active duty serviceperson.

We hope you are as inspired by their stories as we are. 

Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: 57 Years Later, Reflections on the Olympics and Post-War Tokyo The global pandemic that reshaped how we function and interact as humans left no corner of the world untouched. Every aspect of our lives changed on the personal level, but the cancellation or disruption of seemingly invincible cultural touchstones like the Olympics served as stunning reminders of the uncertain times we all endured. An event that intertwines and invigorates the world once every four years is needed now more than ever after a period of such isolating international disconnect and despair. After countless fits and starts threatened to condemn the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as collateral damage of the pandemic, we will soon get to enjoy what the Japanese refer to as the “Recovery Games” After all, Japan won the right to host the Olympics on July 16, 2011 just months after 18,000 Japanese lost their lives during the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

Giving Veterans the Respect, Recognition, and Rewards they Deserve!

Our Co-founder and CEO, Scott Higgins, founded Veterans Advantage with the mission of recognizing Vietnam Veterans who had never received the support and respect they deserved for the sacrifices they made to serve America. Many of our Awards recipients are Vietnam Vets, and honoring them is a cause near and dear to Scott's heart. 

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