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Do I Qualify?

Veterans Advantage Serves the Greater Military Community

Join us if you are part of the Greater Military Community

You qualify for Veterans Advantage if you are part of the Greater Military Community--active duty or retiree, a veteran who served at any time in any branch of service, current or former guard or reserve, or if you are the immediate family member of someone who has served. As the spouse, father, mother, sister, brother, daughter or son of the current or former servicemember, we welcome you to join us too!

Once you join our free Veterans Advantage Community, you’ll also be eligible for VetRewards. 

Still wondering if this means you? Check out our handy reference chart below: 

Active-military, veterans, retirees and their family members are all eligible for VetRewards!

We recognize that as the current or former servicemember or immediate family member, you have experienced sacrifices in service to our country. 

We thank you with VetRewards created exclusively for you.

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