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VetRewards with TravelProtection™


VetRewards with TravelProtection™


VetRewards Members are eligible to enroll in TravelProtection™ as an enhancement to their plan. When you sign up for TravelProtection™, you are added to our $50,000 MedEvac and $5,000 AD&D group insurance policies, and get added benefits like Travel Medical Assistance, Worldwide Travel Assistance, and Personal Security Assistance. 

If you frequently travel over 100 miles from your home, will soon be going on vacation, or have a child that lives or travels away from home often, TravelProtection™ ensures that you have peace of mind in the event of a medical or travel emergency. 

You can choose TravelProtection™ when you enroll for VetRewards, or add it to your plan at any time. 

Low-Cost Travel Protection

Add Household Members at 50% OFF

Add Household Members

Add Household Members at 50% OFF

Add up to 4 members of your household and get 50% off their annual plan! Each will have their own account and receive their own VetRewards card!

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Free accounts do not get access to the exclusive, deeper discounts and deals offered in VetRewards plans, and are not eligible for TravelProtection™. 

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