VetRewards CarePackage


VetRewards CarePackage

Member benefits included at no additional cost

VetRewards CarePackage

Similar to the care packages traditionally shipped to help loved ones serving overseas, the VetRewards CarePackage delivers very valuable benefits and perks to make your life easier.

When you subscribe to VetRewards, you'll get the VetRewards CarePackage included at no additional cost, for prescription drug discounts, custom personal financial planning, your secure military ID and live VIP Member Support.

Get Help Planning for Your Financial Future

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Get Help Planning for Your Financial Future

Our financial planning professionals are here to help!

"I want to specifically commend Jeremy, a financial advisor for VetRewards' Personal Financial Planning Benefit. Jeremy took the time via telephone and helped me with my financial situation. He followed through and has been very helpful and understanding. I had simply clicked on a link from the Veterans Advantage site and filled out some info - Jeremy initiated the call and explained himself quite well! I know that he’s spent a good couple of hours examining my situation and I truly appreciate his efforts on behalf of Veterans Advantage."

Pete Pfeiffer, Navy Veteran

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Our program offers discounts and benefits for those who are currently serving in the military, have retired from duty, are veterans, or are immediate family members

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Sign up for VetRewards today and you’ll be eligible for TravelProtection™.

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Did you know that your immediate family members are eligible for VetRewards Exclusive discounts?

With VetRewards, you can add family members to your primary plan at 50% OFF every year.

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