Montel Williams Veterans Advantage Awards TopVet: Montel Williams, Talk-Show Host Montel Brian Hank Williams – Montel to his fans – has become a nationally respected talk-show host. His “Montel Williams Show,” for many years one of the more popular offerings on daytime television, doesn’t dwell only on sex and celebrity, although the trashy and the trendy are the bread-and-butter of talk shows; episodes also deal with such topics as families torn asunder by drugs, uniting family members who have never met each other, and uniting families torn apart by unfaithfulness.
Veterans Advantage logo Veterans Advantage Awards TopVet: Edward L. Bishop III, Kestrel Technologies Kestrel Technologies develops and distributes sophisticated front-office software for securities dealers, brokers, and investment managers. Edward L. Bishop III, Kestrel’s Founder, Chairman, and President, spent 22 years as a fighter pilot for the Navy and the Marine Corps Reserve, retiring with the rank of colonel. While on active duty, he was twice awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, as well as numerous other decorations for service in the Vietnam War.
Lane Evans Veterans Advantage Awards TopVet: Lane Evans/Congressman Lane Evans, ranking Democrat on the House Veterans Affairs Committee, is recognized as one of the strongest advocates on veterans issues in Congress. The Illinois congressman, who was first elected in 1982, spearheaded the successful effort to pass Agent Orange compensation and led the charge for passage of a law that delivers health and compensation benefits to children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange who were born with spina bifida, a crippling birth defect.
Veterans Advantage Logo Veterans Advantage Awards TopVet: John Mitas, M.D./Teaching Doc John A. Mitas II, M.D., has been appointed deputy executive vice president and chief operating officer of the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine (ACP-ASIM), the nation’s largest medical specialty society and second-largest medical group. Its membership comprises more than 115,000 internal medicine physicians and medical students. Internists are specialists in the prevention, detection and treatment of illnesses that primarily affect adults. He will join the college staff on July 1, 2002.
Wharton B. Rivers Veterans Advantage Awards TopVet: Wharton B. Rivers, Jr., Advanced Radio Telecom Wharton B. “Zie” Rivers, Jr., a retired Army Officer, joined Advanced Radio Telecom in November 2000 as Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Rivers spent 20 years in the Army, serving - and excelling - in a variety of command and high-level staff positions, culminating in his assignment as a strategic policy specialist for the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the Pentagon. Prior to joining Advanced Radio, he had more than a decade of experience in executive management roles for some of the most prominent telecommunications companies in the U. S.

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