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Scott's View Military & Veterans Life Scott's View: Helping You Stock Up on Supplies During COVID-19 During this time of national crisis, each of us have a role to play, from keeping ourselves and our families safe and healthy to helping protect others. Veterans Advantage is doing its part to help you navigate the hectic world of shopping with its 150+ partners-- to keep refrigerators and cabinets full and home offices fully equipped, during this time of great uncertainty. It’s our job to help you safe money, embrace life and thrive.
Scott's View Military & Veterans Life Scott's View: Iwo Jima and the Importance of Military History I was a history major in college, and like me, you may be fascinated by military history. Last week, we marked the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Iwo Jima, one of the most important battles of World War II, memorialized in the iconic photo of our U.S. Marines planting the U.S. flag on Mount Suribachi. As we look back, we are reminded that time is running out for our World War II veterans. Please make the effort to seek out one in your community. Ask them about their service and thank them for helping to keep us free. You'll make their day!
Scott's View Military & Veterans Life Scott's View: Save the Dates for Veterans Week NYC 2019 For the eighth consecutive year, Veterans Advantage is the presenting sponsor of Veterans WeekNYC. We helped found Veterans Week in 2012, getting an official Mayoral Proclamation. And the events continue to grow in number beyond a week -- we're talking about a month-long series of events, which includes new VetRewards savings opportunities just for Veterans Day. We will start announcing those in our next Benefits Alert and on our site.

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