Promoting Veteran Job Creation

Promoting Veteran Job Creation

At Veterans Advantage, we know those who have served in the military often make the best employees - they are hard-working, disciplined, and talented. Despite this, veterans often face silent discrimination when applying for a job after service - their qualifications don't always easily translate, and civilians don't understand much of the military jargon and acronyms veterans are used to using on a daily basis. 

That's why we organize job fairs and career education events, like our recent Veteran Career Symposium in New York City, and give military vets free resources like our Veterans Advantage Jobs and Career Network, where they can find employment opportunities with vet-friendly companies in their area. We pay for this service ourselves so that we can make it free for employers to list vet-friendly jobs, removing some of the stress on recruitment professionals who can sometimes face unique roadblocks when helping vets transition from military to civilian employment.

"Veterans are uniquely qualified with a strong skill set that is highly attractive to Corporate America, and we need to help them get hired right away”, says Veterans Advantage CEO Higgins, who is a former Wall Street executive and Vietnam Veteran. “Many times, a 'foot in the door' with a vet-friendly company that has experienced these positive skills and the many attractive military attributes among its current veteran employees is all a veteran needs to get started."

Looking for a job? Want to hire a veteran? Check out our free Veterans Advantage Job Board.

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Battle of the Bulge Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: 75 Years Later, an Inside Look of Heroism During Battle of the Bulge Seventy-five years ago this month, on 17 January 1945, the so-called “Battle of the Bulge” had pretty much ended.  American and British troops had flattened the December German protrusion into Luxembourg and Belgium.  A desperate German rear guard was trying to stem an inexorable Allied advance eastwards.  Nowhere was that more evident than in the tiny Luxembourg village of Oberwampach located close to the Belgian border.  The next step to the rear for the Germans was into their homeland.  Their commanders were determined to stop the U.S. Army’s 358th Infantry Regiment of the 90th Infantry Division from driving them out of their defensive positions.

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