Veterans Advantage Reviews Travel Benefits During COVID-19

Scott Higgins

As some states are slowly trying to begin reopening from coronavirus closures, the Veterans Advantage team is continuing to work hard to keep the health and wellbeing of our members a top priority. We hope you are doing ok as we make our way through this terrible pandemic.

Now that some state restrictions are lifting, it might be time to consider what traveling will look like in our “new normal.” Even if you’re not ready to travel right away, airlines, hotels & resorts, and car rental providers are starting to adapt to a new travel environment. We are beginning to hear from our travel partners about the new ways to travel while social distancing to keep you and your loved ones safe, and to protect your wallet with more flexible rebooking rules.

We learned this week that all airlines will begin to require face coverings or face masks and several airlines are limiting passenger capacity. There will be airline boarding from back to front to further limit contact, and, of course, taking extra precautions with cleaning. Flexible booking and rebooking options plus extended time for loyalty point programs are a start to feeling comfortable again about booking future travel.

When you are ready to access your exclusive travel discounts again with VetRewards, we want to help you get started with 50% OFF VetRewards with our COVID-19 sale.

To help you plan for a vacation, future family holiday, or business travel, we’ve rounded up the links below for our exclusive travel partners for discounts on flights, car rentals, hotel & resorts, and bus. Our suggestion is to first check out our travel partner’s cancellation policies. So many now offer incredibly flexible policies with no penalty for any changes. For most airlines, it‘s now easy to cancel, make changes or rebook online.

If you’re still quarantined and have the time to plan, first carefully select the travel provider with the most flexible cancellation or change policy. Then, simply lock in the best travel deals by combining your exclusive travel discounts with the current historically low fares and reservation rates you can grab today for your future travel.



Car Rentals

Hotels & Resorts

Some Final Thoughts on Our Transitioning Times

Veterans Advantage stands with you during this challenging and transitional time and encourages you to always practice CDC guidelines anytime in public, and especially when you decide it’s time to resume your travel.

We are proud to continue serving you with the best military benefits, as we all work together to reopen our world and with our 50% OFF COVID-19 sale on VetRewards. Thanks for being part of our community.

Respectfully yours,

Scott Higgins

H. Scott Higgins
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Veterans Advantage
U.S. Army Veteran, Vietnam (‘67-’68)

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