Veterans Advantage Reviews Financial Protections against Scams

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As our country begins to consider the process of slowly reopening after the COVID-19 crisis, we at Veterans Advantage know how important it is to continue to protect yourself and your family, to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. 

We stand with you and your loved ones and are proud to continue serving you with exclusive benefits during this uncertain time and moving forward. As our economy struggles to return to normal in the coming months, we’re committed to bringing you our exclusive savings on your essential needs. That’s why we’re continuing to offer our COVID-19 50% OFF Sale on VetRewards subscriptions during this time

We’re trying to do our part as we understand how challenging it is to stay financially healthy too, as our nation struggles with the economic shocks brought on by the coronavirus. Our stock market has experienced a historic drop, our 401Ks have been decimated, and our very livelihoods have been put into question with COVID-19 furloughs. 

This week, it looks like some financial relief is in sight with the second wave of government payments for households arriving after a glitch in the IRS tax system caused a delay. That glitch has now been fixed, but the delay has created the perfect opportunity for scammers who are now working hard to cash in on our financial vulnerabilities during COVID-19. 

We know it’s not the most exciting activity to do while you’re quarantined, but it’s important to educate yourself about how to avoid falling victim to these scams. We don’t want you to add this issue to your list of COVID-19 woes. 

Learn about the COVID-19 scams and how to avoid becoming a victim. The FTC has set up this very comprehensive consumer site with tips on protecting yourself from these terrible scams. 

It’s also a good time to commit to taking a closer look at your finances and get your taxes done now. With VetRewards, it’s easy to do this and put protections in place that will help you keep a closer watch on your personal financial health at this time. 

Here are 3 easy steps for protecting & improving your financial health with VetRewards: 

  1. Take a deep dive into understanding your personal finances with customized personal financial planning. You can sign up for the free VetRewards CarePackage™ Custom Financial Planning (a $500 value) and get your own personal financial advisor. As part of your plan, you may want to discuss the up to 40% savings for Long Term Care Insurance available with VetRewards
  2. Get going on your 2020 tax returns now while you’re confined at home even with the deadline extended until July 15th. You won’t regret it, especially if you have a rebate coming that may help boost your finances right now. With VetRewards, you can save $25 on Jackson Hewitt tax services, and file your taxes in stores nationwide with their COVID-19 contactless drop-off. 
  3. Put robust credit monitoring service & identity theft protections in place with the nation’s top-rated credit agency. TransUnion Credit Monitoring offers VetRewards exclusive savings of 70% OFF and TransUnion Identity Theft Protection Services are 60% OFF with VetRewards to help you protect your personal identity & personal finances from the many COVID-19 scams currently threatening us. 

    You can also learn more about financial protections and support for military service members & veterans here.

During COVID-19, these and other VetRewards Exclusive savings offers are available with the lowest subscription rates we’ve ever offered for VetRewards at 50% OFF

Now, and more than ever, we are working hard to support you and keep you and your family resilient during this very difficult time. 

Be well. Stay safe. 

Respectfully yours, 

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