Scott's View: Darryl Hammond’s Story Reminds us to Take Care of our Military Families

Scott Higins

This week’s VetFamily profile of Darryl Hammond is a somber reminder of the silent casualties of war. The son of a World War II veteran, his childhood was haunted by the repercussions of dad’s PTSD that was not properly addressed. And while Hammond became a successful comedian and Saturday Night Live entertainer, he never quite escaped the chilling reminders of his youth. The good news is that he ultimately found closure and recovery after his father’s death. His story is a vivid reminder that we as a country and as individuals have a sacred obligation to address the silent illnesses of war, and find and provide the care and therapies for those in need, our military and veterans and their families.

Among our featured partners this week, we wanted to call out our friends at D’Artagnan. It’s organic and humanely raised beef & poultry are really top notch, and their customer service is stellar.

One of our team members was awaiting a purchase of over $150 in fresh food when Tropical Storm Isaias hit the east coast and blew out power in his home. When the team at D'Artagnan heard about this, and the prospect of his refrigerator unable to keep the delivery fresh, they offered a full refund of the order -- and to resend a duplicate order. Thankfully, the power returned and the original shipment was saved, but this is quite a remarkable testament to Veterans Advantage partners who take care of their customers. Check out D'Artagnan today!

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