TravelProtection™ Saves the Day for Veterans Gary and Trisha Young

Gary and Trisha Young at the Grand Canyon

Gary and Trisha Young, both 100% disabled Army Veterans and Veterans Advantage members, were visiting their son in Ohio over 2,000 miles from home when Gary went into kidney failure. It was any couple’s worst nightmare - they had no idea how they were going to get home, and the social worker they had been speaking to at the hospital had done everything possible to help. They were stranded.

“Trisha called [Veterans Advantage] and was trying to get a United [Airlines] flight to get us home. The hospital was done doing anything they could and we knew I couldn’t take a car ride for a few days to get back to Wyoming as sick as I was,” remembers Gary Young, who served America in the Army for 28 years before retiring. “Trisha talked to a gentleman at Veterans Advantage who told us about the [AIG MedEvac] Insurance that we didn’t even know we had,” said Gary.

“It was Friday that we first called Veterans Advantage, says Trisha Young, a 23-year Army Vet. “By Monday afternoon the ambulance picked us up at the hospital and took us to the airport. We got on a Lear jet, and they flew us to Cheyenne where there was another ambulance that transported us to the Cheyenne Medical Center where we were directly admitted. If there hadn’t been a weekend in there we’d have been home the next day!”

Many people don’t realize that, along with VetRewards Exclusives on travel and everyday shopping, Veterans Advantage offers low-cost TravelProtection at only $20 annually for members enrolled in VetRewards and their families. TravelProtection includes $50,000 Global Emergency Medical Evacuation, $5,000 of "AD&D" Accident Insurance, Travel Assistance Services, VIP Concierge, and many other useful benefits and services.

The couples’ son drove their car to Wyoming the next week, and they flew him home to Ohio after. The cost of his flight back to Ohio was the only expense they incurred – everything else was covered by TravelProtection.

“We would love for people to know about our story and how much Veterans Advantage has helped us,” says Trisha. “We cried it went so smoothly - you guys really saved us, and I don’t think people realize how much is included in the membership. We have been members since 2013, and it’s more than worth it. I just renewed for another three years, and I tell people at VFW and the VA about it all the time.”

Note: Veterans Advantage loves hearing real stories from real members that our benefits have helped! As a registered Public Benefit Corporation, our mission is to create greater respect, recognition, and rewards for active-duty military, retirees, veterans, guard, reservists and their family members. Everything we do is to further our goal to bring you and others within the military community all this and more for your service.

Share your VetRewards savings or TravelProtection story with us by filling out this easy form - we would love to feature you so other members may enjoy.

Thank you to Gary and Trisha Young for reaching out and letting us know about your amazing experience!

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