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Do you wonder if VetRewards is the right choice for you and your family? Don't take our word for it - review our Veterans Advantage testimonials:

I have been a member of Veterans Advantage for many years. My savings on Amtrak, Apple, Target, Wendy's are just the start of what I get. Today, when saving my money is crucial, I am very happy with my choice to enroll. If you are a Veteran, check out VetRewards. Great Military discounts on just about everything.


Frank Gasiorowski
US Army Veteran
Glen Burnie, MD
Member since 2006

This is a letter to thank you. For my honeymoon, I booked a flight and hotel package for me and my wife - seven days in Madrid. Veterans Advantage booked us on an airline I had never heard of and into a hotel I had never heard of. I held my breath and took a leap of faith, and spent more than $3000 on this trip.

My faith was rewarded! VetRewards came through: airline flights were great; the hotel was magnificent and right in the heart of the city. Everything went smooth as silk.

You are to be commended. My membership has paid for itself ten times over. Thank you for a great trip.....and for a great organization. I am a member for life.


Stan Coerr
Retired Marine Officer

I first found out about the Veterans Advantage service in 2005 when I was planning a trip to D.C. to honor the fallen on Memorial Day. When I went to book my Amtrak tickets, I saw the site mention the Veterans Advantage program. I subscribed to the service and since then I’ve been receiving benefits as a Veteran. The biggest advantage is when I get a discount for my business and leisure travel. After 11 years of using Veterans Advantage, I am happy for it’s growth and what they do for veterans! 


Raul Colon
US Army Reservist

I'm a proud former US Army Officer. Most of my Army career I spent at the Pentagon during Desert Storm. 
I joined Veterans Advantage in 2016 when booking my first excursion on Amtrak. I like to support military-related businesses and I've always been a savvy shopper, so when I looked at the Veterans Advantage website and saw all of the retail and travel partners, I immediately enrolled in the annual plan. I've enjoyed tracking all my savings with the card so far. In just a few transactions, my card has paid for itself! I look forward to future deals. 


Holly Landau
US Army Veteran

Thanks so much for the Family Membership for my brother who is 97 years old and a World War II Vet. He is paying outrageous prices for medications, and with his new VetRewards Membership he will get some big buck relief that can improve his standard of living. Bless you guys at Veterans Advantage for all your support for me and huge discounts I received from airlines, Hertz, and Motels in my travels. Thanks, I owe you one. Salute.


Gene W. Wines

I've been extremely happy with Veterans Advantage since I joined. I used some of the benefits, all of which were true benefits to me.

I want to specifically commend Jeremy, a financial advisor for VetRewards' Personal Financial Planning Benefit. Jeremy took the time via telephone and helped me with my financial situation. He followed through and has been very helpful and understanding. I had simply clicked on a link from the Veterans Advantage site and filled out some info - Jeremy initiated the call and explained himself quite well! I know that he’s spent a good couple of hours examining my situation and I truly appreciate his efforts on behalf of Veterans Advantage.


Pete Pfeiffer
Navy Veteran

I was skeptical at first to buy into this savings program because I have used similar one's before. Same gimmick all the time, "try it free for 30 days...". But I haven't had it for more than 2 weeks and already I have saved MORE than I expected. I have already saved the cost of the membership and then some! Totally worth it!


Tony Silva

I used my VetRewards Membership for the first time for prescriptions at CVS and the savings were more than my entire annual membership fee! Thank you Veterans Advantage for bringing us such great partners and being there for Veterans and their families.


Gene Fedele
Son of US Army Veteran
St. Augustine, FL

Unbelievable! Lord in Heaven – We are all blessed by Veterans Advantage! I followed Lin's (LIn Higgins, Co-founder) advice and went to CVS/pharmacy online – Amazing. I used a buy one/get one free CVS coupon combined with my VetRewards discount. No taxes, applied my coupons, and received 30% savings with Veterans Advantage. I hate going into stores and this is so easy, and delivered to my door.


Catherine Saxton
New York, NY

I have a four-year-old daughter, so shopping for baby items and other things at CVS makes a huge difference when I use both the CVS discount and the VetRewards Member Discount.

All in all, I am extremely happy that I use Veterans Advantage. I use the theme park discounts all the time. Recently, I took my family to Six Flags and the discount was really great. Keep up the good work, guys.


Lux Gurusamy
Princeton, NJ
US Army Veteran (Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan)
Member Since 2013

Excellent benefits for all veterans. I highly recommend you become a member. This is my 3rd year as a member, and I wish I had discovered this website earlier.


Alejandro R. Morales
San Antonio, TX
US Army Vietnam, Veteran
Member Since 2012

The Veterans Advantage VetRewards Card membership is the finest benefit program for veterans and their families I have ever seen.


Paul W. Bucha
Medal of Honor Recipient
US Army Veteran
Member Since 2001

If you are a vet you should definitely have a membership! The benefits are fantastic. Dave [my spouse] has been a member since 2011 and I get all the benefits too. It is amazing the amount of money we have saved.


Nancy Eimers
Mayfield, PA
Spouse of a US Army Veteran
Member Since 2011

Purchased a new 2014 Ford Escape through the Veterans Advantage program. It went really smooth and I couldn't have been more pleased. Took the dread out of 'negotiating'.


Richard Cooper
U.S. Marine Corps Veteran
CEO of

Thanks for saving me 5% on my last minute JetBlue flight to see my sick grandmother!


Richard Kerr
“The Points Guy” travel correspondent, US Navy

As a Vietnam Vet, I encourage everyone to take advantage of this.


Tom Hunt
US Army Veteran
Greensboro, NC
Member Since 2013

The savings from the Verizon cell phone plan more than pays for the membership.


Robert Langley
US Air Force Veteran
San Francisco
Member Since 2013

I've taken two trips using Veterans Advantage.  My wife and I were able to save money for a trip to Phoenix, AZ to attend our son's graduation from ASU.  Also, we (my wife, our youngest son, and I) traveled to Japan to visit our oldest son who's an officer in the Navy serving in Japan.

We appreciate the program, it has been beneficial for my family.  Thank you.


Tom Heaney
COL, U. S. Army (Ret)

This is the greatest. I've had my card for over 2 years now and have used it without any problems. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


Jeffrey A. Kerr
Disabled US Veteran (Army)
Member Since 2010

I tell everyone I know about Veterans Advantage - it is the word of mouth that gets the name of VetRewards around. I am proud to be a member and will continue on as long as program exists.

I want to say this program is a Godsend. It has helped me in more ways than I can tell you. I did not even know about most of the benefits us veterans get.


Jennifer Roy
US Army Reservist
Member Since 2012

I actually had the pleasure and privilege to meet Scott Higgins, the CEO, and am so proud that we veterans have a company that looks out for our dollars with great partnerships & great discounts. Keep up the good work guys!


Juan Alonzo
US Army Reserves
Member Since 2009

I am thankful for my VetRewards Card; especially when traveling and at the pharmacy. It has paid for itself within the first 3 months I have had it.


Richard Damm
US Navy
Baldwin Harbor, NY
Member Since 2003

I've been a member since March, and I have already saved close to $500! It has come in very handy having this card for work, as I spend at least 1 night per week in hotel rooms. Plus the other benefits that are perks with the card!


Amy Marie
US Army
Member Since 2012

I bought a new Ford Edge yesterday and got a great price using VetRewards.  It truly gave me an advantage...I started with invoice price and then they added my rebates. 

Great programs. I am enjoying my Ford.


Dan McCarthy
US Navy (Ret.)
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Member Since 2012

I have used my membership card on Amtrak several times, and each time I save over $50. I love it! I put applications and info on the train for interested fellow travelers and tell them how much I save. Thanks for caring about vets.


Anne Warren
US Army
March ARB, CA
Member Since 2002

Best deal around for veterans, and I use the benefits often - especially XM Radio. Another good deal I've used several times is the Amtrak benefit. I have been a member forever.


Linda Benoit
US Navy
Las Angeles, CA
Member Since 2002

I recently used my VetRewards Discount with Avis. Thank you! I am a Peer Mentor for the Wounded Warrior Project and really appreciate having Veterans Advantage to use.


David Hudson
US Army Veteran
Mentone, IN
Member Since 2010

My bride and I recently used our Veterans Advantage Card to purchase tickets for the Amtrak auto-train that runs up the East Coast from FL to DC. It was the best savings hands down and a great trip. Thanks for the help!


CMSgt Damian Orslene
US Air Force (Ret)
Ocean Springs, MS
Member Since 2010

I served in the Army and my wife is a former Marine. We served in the first gulf war. I am still serving in the Ohio Military Reserve as a Chaplains Assistant. In Ohio Military Reserve many are prior service like myself, and I have told them about this outstanding organization that I belong too. To date, 4 others have joined because they liked the idea that this deals with Veterans and their family members. Not too many other organizations have this.

I travel every 6 months to Los Angeles by Amtrak. I cannot tell you how much I have saved thanks to Veterans Advantage. We have used VA when the entire family traveled to California, and will us it again this summer when we go on a family vacation. Right now my family uses VetRewards more than AAA! Again, thanks for all the good things that VA offers.


John Campbell
U.S. Army 76-78
Army Reserve 85-91 (Desert Storm)

I spent over 10 years in the Marine Corps and I am one proud American. About a month ago my wife was upset that there are no companies that offer discounts or assist Veterans. She went on to saying that there are men and women who have given their time, bodies and some of their lives to give us the freedoms we have today, and yet nobody thanks them.

When we discovered Veterans Advantage yesterday she and I were excited and signed up right away. This is a company that shows its pride in America by supporting those who have given us so much.


Ronald L. Timm II
Former Sgt. USMC

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