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Travel Guard Identity Theft Restoration Services



Travel Guard Identity Theft Restoration Services


Veterans Advantage is a strong advocate for Veterans' privacy.

Our VetRewards Card, used to power partner's military discounts, is the first universal military ID built to safeguard Veterans' personal information and protect their privacy. We require the minimum amount of information necessary to deliver our member services. We keep the Veteran's personal information strictly confidential and do not share, rent or sell it with any other party.

Recent FTC Report* findings show that military Veterans, active duty military and their families are at highest risk for fraud and ID theft---more than double that of other consumers. A separate VA Study** found Veterans have higher rates of ID theft due to poor employee handling of government-issued veteran IDs used to verify service.

In addition, to help address high rates of ID theft recently reported in the military community (see box at right) Veterans Advantage purchases Prepaid Identity Theft Restoration Services from Travel Guard and provides this service to our members at no additional charge in our Veterans Advantage OurCAREPackage. This is coverage that no Military Veteran or a Veteran family member should be without.

In the unfortunate event a member happens to fall victim to fraud or ID theft, they can access OurCAREPackage coverage as a member of Veterans Advantage. This benefit alone can save thousands of dollars in taking the necessary steps to restore a stolen identity. Over 81% of our members rate this benefit as “Really worth it —a great benefit!”


Identity Theft Assistance Services from Travel Guard will help a member that has fallen victim to ID theft, by ordering and reviewing credit bureau records, notifying financial institutions, credit card companies, and taking other necessary critical steps on their behalf.

Travel Guard's trained identity theft counselors are available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the valuable knowledge and assistance to review and resolve ID theft issues. From providing prevention guidance with reviews of accounts and educational materials, to full assistance in the event that a member's ID is stolen or experiences fraud, the following services are provided at no additional cost with Veterans Advantage:

  • Assist with ordering/reviewing credit bureau reports
  • Assist with investigation of financial accounts
  • Assist in coordinating communications with creditors
  • Assist in identifying proper law enforcement
  • Assist victim in reviewing account activity
  • Obtain additional resources as needed.


Learn More About Our Veteran Privacy Advocacy

Click here for a recent press release informing all Veterans and Military families.

To best protect veterans from becoming a victim of ID theft or fraud, Veterans Advantage advocates that its members be vigilant in self-administering the following protocols to best safeguard their identity:

1. Be Safe: Never use Social Security Number, or DD214, birth date, mother's maiden name, or other highly sensitive personally identifiable information (“PII”) to obtain a retail discount. Requiring this level of information for a discount is a bad business practice and considered an 'over reaching' data requirement. Our partners, who use our VetRewards Card ID to verify their military discounts only use the non-personally identifiable Member ID and Travel Discount Code and do not collect members' data. Veterans Advantage never collects highly sensitive PII or shares any PII with third parties.

2. Be Smart: Don't be lured by so-called "free" military discount offers or "free memberships" in military discount sites. Veterans are often sitting ducks for this kind of offer. Understand that nothing is free. In order to fund company operations, personal data is often sold, rented or shared to advertisers and Big Data companies to generate revenues, compromising personal and financial security.

3. Be Suspicious: Dig to find how the data is used and where the data is going. Read the online Privacy Policy carefully for online businesses. Be especially wary of online start-ups without an established business history. Startups can be highly susceptible to bankruptcies, mergers or sale of data to an unknown party, sometimes outside the country and outside the reach of U.S. law. Check the BBB for a business's rating.

4. Be Secure: Data grabs are big business today. Only do business with a trusted organization with a longstanding record of protecting veterans' privacy and their best interests regarding use of data. Do business with companies that do not require overreaching data, and retailers that do not require government-issued IDs to access military discounts.


* FTC report: Click here
** VA Study: Click here

* Note: Travel Guard provides the Identity Theft Restoration Service for Veterans Advantage members. Identity Theft Restoration Services are not available for members who are residents of the State of New York or non-U.S. residents. Travel Guard is the marketing name for Travel Guard Group, Inc. With operations centers in the Americas, Asia and Europe, Travel Guard, a member of American International Group, Inc. (“AIG”), is a worldwide leader in travel insurance solutions and assistance, including emergency assistance, for millions of leisure and business travelers around the globe. Travel Insurance is underwritten by National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pa.

Identity Theft Restoration Services are not available for residents in New York or outside the United States.

Non-insurance services provided by the service companies of Travel Guard Worldwide Inc., an AIG Company. They offer traveler assistance through coordination, negotiation, and consultation using an extensive network of worldwide partners. Expenses for goods and services provided by third parties are the responsibility of the traveler.

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