Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for
Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families
Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families

Veterans Advantage Plan Benefits

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VetRewards Card "Flash & Save" Benefits Nationally



VetRewards Card "Flash & Save"
Benefits Nationally


Be Rewarded With the VetRewards Card for Savings Nationwide from Major Retailers & Leading Travel Providers

With Veterans Advantage, our partners have the opportunity to thank their military customers with real savings and be assured that only those who deserve to be thanked are able to access these special offers with the VetRewards Card ID.

When you "Flash & Save" with your card at partner locations nationwide, our proprietary verify software technology provides both our members and our partners extra security and fraud prevention when members redeem their everyday savings offers.

Veterans Advantage's mission is to create a new military discounts with leading travel and top retail partners. If there is an existing military discount, we work to deepen the discount. Our partners do not pay us to be included as a Veterans Advantage program partner. We do not receive fees or royalties for our partner's use of our verify software technology platform. We are not paid for our advertising or membership marketing services.We simply ask our partners to pass any advertising fees or commissions on to you by putting them into the very best possible Veterans Advantage discount. As a member, you can then easily recoup your low member plan fee plus more throughout the year with your Veterans Advantage everyday savings.

As a further member benefit, a primary Veterans Advantage member may add up to 4 family members for 50% off to their member plan and each family member will receive their own personalized VetRewards Card ID.

Most of all, our members have the ease of "Flash & Save' redemption with VetRewards Card for the Veterans Advantage special offers we have created from our partners. Our members no longer ask or hunt for the occasional 'whisper' military discount. With the VetRewards Card, members know they will be rewarded everyday with special savings around the nation.

Below are Veterans Advantage partners who accept our VetRewards Card for 'Flash & Save' everyday savings discounts at national retail locations, rental counters, train stations or bus terminals:


NOTE: When asked to show your ID for a military discount at a retailer that is not a Veterans Advantage partner, show your VetRewards Card as proof of service. You will receive additional savings and protect your identity.

Below is a list of retailers and establishments who have been reported by our members to accept the VetRewards Card. They are not currently Veterans Advantage partners so are not obligated, but hopefully will reward you too with their Military savings:






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I am a U.S. Veteran, active duty,
retired military, current or former
National Guard or Reservist.
I am immediate family: Spouse,
father, mother, brother, sister,
son or daughter of a Veteran,
Guardsman, Reservist, or
servicemember (living or deceased).

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If you are already a Veterans Advantage Member, you may still need to activate your $5,000 AD&D or $50,000 MEDEVAC coverage to access this benefit and other key travel and accident coverage from Travel Guard, including ID Theft Restoration Services. Click on either link above and you will be directed to a log in page before going to your intended page. On the intended page please click the link on the right panel next to the mouse icon that says "Click here to activate coverage" and you will be directed to fill out the correct form to activate your coverage.

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Keep your benefits coming with your active Veterans Advantage Member Plan. You can reactivate your membership easily by clicking HERE.