Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for
Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families
Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families

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Veterans Advantage Family Member Coverage



Veterans Advantage Family Member Coverage


When One Serves, Everybody Serves

At Veterans Advantage, we believe that when one person serves our country, their family members – fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, and spouses — all serve and share this commitment. They should also benefit from OurCAREPackage and its suite of benefits and services.

Now you can feel good knowing your membership is doing the same, by supporting our efforts to help military families, including yours. Since 2001, Veterans Advantage has established a broad range of initiatives to support the families of those who served or are serving our country. We have benefits for the families in our program, and through our charitable partnerships with leading organizations that specialize in providing valuable services and support for our military families.


Share your benefits with your family members, so they can save too! As a benefit of your membership in Veterans Advantage, family members that reside within your household can be added to your card account at 50% OFF. Family members will receive their own personalized ID card and Benefits Directory. To get your family cards, please submit your request , or RENEW NOW for the opportunity to add your family members at 50% off any time you purchase additional membership months.


Our Veterans Advantage pre-paid Gift Card is the perfect way to thank a Veteran and make a great gift for those who have proudly served. Perfect for Father's Day & Mother's Day, birthdays, Veterans Day — We will deliver a personalized VetRewards Card, Member Benefits Directory and Welcome Letter as a gift from you to recognize their service.

You can choose to purchase gift cards for friends or family, or pledge a donation for Veterans Advantage to distribute to a group of deserving Veterans. Go to VeteransAdvantage.com/giftcards for more information.

For bulk purchases and corporate orders for Veteran employees, Veteran resource groups or Veteran networks, please contact us.

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I am a U.S. Veteran, active duty,
retired military, current or former
National Guard or Reservist.
I am immediate family: Spouse,
father, mother, brother, sister,
son or daughter of a Veteran,
Guardsman, Reservist, or
servicemember (living or deceased).

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If you are already a Veterans Advantage Member, you may still need to activate your $5,000 AD&D or $50,000 MEDEVAC coverage to access this benefit and other key travel and accident coverage from Travel Guard, including ID Theft Restoration Services. Click on either link above and you will be directed to a log in page before going to your intended page. On the intended page please click the link on the right panel next to the mouse icon that says "Click here to activate coverage" and you will be directed to fill out the correct form to activate your coverage.

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Keep your benefits coming with your active Veterans Advantage Member Plan. You can reactivate your membership easily by clicking HERE.