Bernard Edelman

Bill Elmore Military & Veterans News

Cover Story: To Assist Vet Entrepreneurs, SBA's Bill Elmore Innovates to Overcome Bureaucratic Inertia

Twenty years ago, "Jobs for Vets" was one of the rallying cries of advocates who cared about those who had returned to a less than rousing ’welcome home’ after serving in Southeast Asia. Forced to acknowledge that too many Vietnam veterans had been "left behind" their cohorts, agencies of government on the state and national level geared up to offer aid and comfort. Laws were enacted and programs were funded to train and place un- and under-employed veterans in career-path jobs. While some of these efforts, which are now well into their third decade, have worked out well, others have done little more than ensconce themselves in the roster of programs nourished by tax dollars.
Digital Clubhouse Network Military & Veterans News

Cover Story: Modern Technology Weds Old'Time Storytelling at the Digital Clubhouse And Captures the Memories of Veterans

In 1996, a focus group sponsored by NASA came up with what was then a novel idea. Charged with thinking about how to narrow the "digital divide" between those with access to information technology and those for whom the advances in computer science were more science fiction than reality, the group hit upon the concept of a clubhouse: a place where the "haves" and the "have-nots," old and young and in between could come together to build community through "digital storytelling."
Pat Tillman Military & Veterans News

Cover Story: When Professional Athletes Went to War

When Pat Tillman, the hard-charging safety for the Arizona Cardinals, relinquished a multi-million dollar contract to join the Army with the professed goal of making it as a Ranger, he immediately became an anomaly: In this era of pampered, million-dollar ballplayers, he is a throwback to an earlier age, when the best athletes in America gave some of the best years of their professional careers to serve in the Armed Forces during a time of war.
Tyrone T. Dancy at the Frederick Hart sculpture at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C. Veterans Advantage Awards

HeroVet: Tyrone T. Dancy, Serving His Fellow Veterans with Passion and Commitment

“I feel there’s an obligation here,” says Tyrone T. Dancy, veterans’ employment program supervisor with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor. For almost a quarter of a century, he has been helping fellow veterans get the assistance they need – assistance they’ve earned – to steer them to productive lives. His motto could be “Service with a smile”; his goal is to “really help those who seek and need help.” And his satisfaction comes from those he’s assisted. “Because when you’re helpful and treat them with respect,” he says, “they really appreciate it.”
Michael Plummer Veterans Advantage Awards

HeroVet: Michael Plummer, Reaching Across the Miles To 'Adopt-a-Platoon'

The hot spots where Americans have been deployed to douse post — Cold War fires may be exotic, but they also are far from home. Very far. For the soldiers and sailors, airmen and Marines who find themselves on the front lines in locales halfway across the globe, being away from their loved ones and removed from the routines of the lives they left behind are voids that are difficult to fill. Keeping in touch with family and fri
Al Peck (Center) with Ed Koch Veterans Advantage Awards

HeroVet: Al Peck

On Veterans Day in 1987, the City of New York opened a new, 400-bed shelter for the homeless in a converted belt and pocketbook factory in Queens. What made this facility different from others scattered across the five boroughs was its clientele: to be admitted to the Borden Avenue Veterans Residence, a man had to have served in the Armed Forces. This was a condition imposed by the community and agreed to by the city, which wanted to site a shelter in the solid, lower middle class community of Long Island City.
James Lee Burke Military & Veterans News

Cover Story: James Lee Burke

"Most of my dreams about Vietnam were nightmares that at one time made me fear sleep. I used to drink three beers before bed so I would sleep through to the morning. But now somebody was carrying me in the warm rain and I knew that I was once again in the loving care of the soldiers in my platoon. I had heard the klatch under my foot in the dark on the jungle trail; then, as though I were a spectator rather than a participant, I saw myself covered with cobalt light, my body crawl with electricity, my soul light the trees like an enormous candle." -- from The Neon Rain
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