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Thank You For Serving Our Country

You Protect Our Country We Protect Your Wallet

Support up to $1 Million in Educational Scholarships for Connecticut Veterans and their families.

The State of Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs is proud to announce an initiative with Veterans Advantage, the leading national veteran benefits program delivering new private-sector benefits for our Active-Duty Servicemembers, Military Veterans, National Guard & Reservists, and their families.

As part of this initiative, we want to encourage you to join Veterans Advantage and get the valuable benefits in the program to further enhance the service-connected benefits you receive from the State of Connecticut. You can join Veterans Advantage today at a special 25% discount through this enrollment link for Connecticut State veterans and their family members.

PLUS -- when you enroll, Veterans Advantage will donate a $1000 educational scholarship for every 300 Connecticut enrollments, awarded by the State to a Connecticut veteran. Your participation is important! Based on the number of enrollments, the State of Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs can earn and award up to $1 million in educational scholarships.

Veterans Advantage cardholders receive an unparalleled benefits package with special insurance coverage, a drug discount program and savings on travel, shoes and apparel, household essentials, hotels, dining, entertainment, prescription drugs, computers, electronics, fitness centers, wireless services, moving services, health, flowers and gifts, and more -- all provided as a thank you for your service to our country from the nation’s top companies.

Help us meet our $1 million in scholarships goal today. Veterans Advantage for Connecticut veterans is also offered through a regularly priced 30-day trial --sorry, no discount on trials, but these enrollments still count toward meeting our scholarship awards.


Thank you for your support,

Dr. Linda S. Schwartz


Eligibility: You qualify for the enrollment if you have served in any branch of service, or during any period of service, both wartime and peacetime. ‘Next of kin’ family members, including spouse, mother, father, son or daughter of the Veteran or serviceperson may enroll too. Complimentary memberships require injury in service since 9/11/2001, and include PTS and TBI.