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 New York City Armistice Day 1918 Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: History of Veterans Day Private Harry Atwood, a bicycle messenger in the 341st Field Artillery Regiment’s headquarters company, was carrying battle orders on a dismal 11 November 1918 while his regiment’s guns were firing in support of the 28th Division.  They were attacking German fortifications around the French city of Metz. At 1059 hours, all the regiment’s guns delivered a massive salvo of artillery rounds into the German entrenchments.  It was the last time the battalion fired a shot in anger. One minute later there was complete silence.
A history of Arlington National Cemetery Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: History of Arlington National Cemetery Perfectly aligned white marble tombstones dot green hills like pearls, strung together by memories of fallen military members. That’s the sight at Arlington National Cemetery near Washington, DC, which is the resting place for more than 400,000 veterans and their dependents over approximately 640 acres on the Potomac River. This Memorial Day we remember the fallen soldiers buried at Arlington and across the nation. And this Saturday Arlington hosts the inaugural Flowers of Remembrance Day, where the public can bring flowers to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to pay tribute to the sacrifice of so many veterans. 
Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: 57 Years Later, Reflections on the Olympics and Post-War Tokyo The global pandemic that reshaped how we function and interact as humans left no corner of the world untouched. Every aspect of our lives changed on the personal level, but the cancellation or disruption of seemingly invincible cultural touchstones like the Olympics served as stunning reminders of the uncertain times we all endured. An event that intertwines and invigorates the world once every four years is needed now more than ever after a period of such isolating international disconnect and despair. After countless fits and starts threatened to condemn the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as collateral damage of the pandemic, we will soon get to enjoy what the Japanese refer to as the “Recovery Games” After all, Japan won the right to host the Olympics on July 16, 2011 just months after 18,000 Japanese lost their lives during the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
Memorials Abroad Military & Veterans News Cover Story: Memorials Abroad This year’s Memorial Day will be celebrated in the United States with solemn ceremonies marked by recognition of the sacrifices of American women and men in uniform at innumerable memorials located throughout the country.  These memorials are everyday reminders which really only come into sharp focus, however, on that one special day at the end of May.  Less in one’s consciousness, if indeed one is even aware of them, are the many memorials to deceased American service members in foreign countries which deserve attention.
Battle of the Bulge Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: 75 Years Later, an Inside Look of Heroism During Battle of the Bulge Seventy-five years ago this month, on 17 January 1945, the so-called “Battle of the Bulge” had pretty much ended.  American and British troops had flattened the December German protrusion into Luxembourg and Belgium.  A desperate German rear guard was trying to stem an inexorable Allied advance eastwards.  Nowhere was that more evident than in the tiny Luxembourg village of Oberwampach located close to the Belgian border.  The next step to the rear for the Germans was into their homeland.  Their commanders were determined to stop the U.S. Army’s 358th Infantry Regiment of the 90th Infantry Division from driving them out of their defensive positions.
Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl The launch of season two of the wildly popular Serial podcast caught millions of fans by surprise, chronicling the controversial capture and release of U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Serial’s ongoing coverage of the story brought the dramatic military account back to the forefront of the American public’s attention, and, by some accounts, the podcast’s in-depth study of Bergdahl and his capture may have spurred Department of Defense officials to take action.
Vincent Hancock Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: From Combat Boots to Chef Toques After Ben Lubin completed his service with the U.S. Marines in 2009, he returned to his hometown of West Palm Beach, Fla., and opened a wine bar. It didn’t take long for Lubin to realize that opening a wine bar without a restaurant background was like going into combat without proper training. To ensure The Blind Monk was successful, the former artillery officer enrolled in a six-month culinary program at the International Culinary Center.
The Army's own Sgt. Vincent Hancock takes gold in Skeet Military & Veterans Life Cover Story: Military Olympians, World Class Performance in London 2012 The sun set on the Olympic Games in London last week, closing the curtain once again on a global celebration of athletic excellence. As always, thousands of extremely talented individuals demonstrated the discipline, work ethic and sense of purpose that comes with representing one’s country – while America continues to maintain a uniquely high standard when world-class athletics is combined with military service.
John Maniaci/Courtesy of Georgetown University Department of Performing Arts - Sarah Parker, Yoko Sugimoto-Ikezawa and Joe Jehle perform Robin Becker's "Into Sunlight." The dance is a collection of images, such as a boat that took soldiers across the ocean and a football star who is cut down by bullets. Military & Veterans News Cover Story: From Memoir of War and Loss, ‘Into Sunlight’ Seeks to Heal The following dance review – chronicling a series of historic events during the Vietnam War – appeared recently in the Washington Post, and included an interview with Veterans Advantage founder Scott Higgins, who continues the company’s sponsorship of the performance and the distribution of free tickets to Veterans Advantage “VetRewards” Card members. This review appeared ahead of the performance in Washington, D.C. earlier this month, and after Veterans Advantage’s sponsorship of the event in New York City during the summer.

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