TopVet: Duncan Hunter, California Congressman

Duncan Hunter

Congressman Duncan Hunter represents California’s 52nd Congressional District, consisting of eastern San Diego County and Imperial County.

He is a Vietnam veteran, who served in the 173rd Airborne and 75th Army Rangers. In 1973, Hunter attended Western State University Law School in San Diego on the G.I. Bill, while also working in farming and construction.

Opening a law office in Barrio Logan San Diego, Hunter assisted many in the Hispanic community free of charge and without government compensation. In 1980, he was asked to run against Congressman Lionel Van Deerlin, an 18-year incumbent, where, in a 2-to-1 Democrat district, he won the Congressional seat.

Congressman Hunter’s first assignment was to the House Armed Services Committee, where he continues to serve today. As Chairman of the House Military Research & Development Subcommittee, he is responsible for overseeing the development and testing of key military systems, weapons programs, and technologies that fulfill military needs. Hunter also served as Chairman of the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Procurement from 1995-2000, where he presided over $60 billion for the acquisition of military weapon systems and components. Hunter focuses his national security efforts on improving military readiness, implementing a ballistic missile defense system, revitalizing equipment and resources, such as U.S. strategic bomber forces and the next generation of nuclear attack submarines, and upgrading benefits for military personnel and their families.

Because his district encompasses nearly all of the California-Mexico border, Hunter has made border enforcement a major priority. In 1988, Hunter authored legislation making the military the lead agency in illegal drug interdiction and was successful in obtaining military units for building roads and fencing along the U.S. border with Mexico. Over 40 miles of fencing and border infrastructure have been constructed to date. Additionally, Hunter passed legislation in 1995 to authorize an additional 5,000 Border Patrol agents in response to the Clinton Administration’s budget which attempted to cut agency resources. Hunter remains committed to sealing the U.S. border to illegal alien and drug trafficking, making the region safe for communities on both sides of the international boundary.

Congressman Hunter and his wife, Lynne, live in Alpine, California. They have two sons, Duncan Duane and Sam, and one grandson, Duncan Lee II.

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