Veterans Advantage Reviews Veteran and Military Discounts for Families During COVID-19


As a founder and co-CEO here at Veterans Advantage, as well as the daughter of a WWII Marine Corps Lieutenant and spouse of a Vietnam War veteran, I want to show our commitment to keeping you and your family safe during this challenging time of COVID-19.

I was raised outside of Detroit, which today is suffering from some of the worst outbreaks of coronavirus in the country. My dad, who served in the Pacific, returned home from his service having contracted malaria on the small island of Peleliu where he was stationed for one year. My earliest childhood memories are of standing next to his bed watching him shiver with the high fevers of a malaria attack. I think now of our many families with small children who are experiencing the same as coronavirus invades and attacks us here on our home soil. So this is war.

Just as our country came together in WWII, we need to come together as a country and do our very best at social distancing and keeping our families safe from this devastating illness. At Veterans Advantage, we want to do our part with our fellow veterans and their family members to keep you safe with at-home shopping.

Since our founding, we have stood by the understanding that when one person serves, the entire family serves. In recognition of this often underserved role, we always offer 50% OFF VetRewards for up to four family members added to your plan. Go here to add family members to your account at 50% OFF.

Our primary focus is on the safety and comfort of your family members with savings they can redeem online while shopping at home.

  • Save on health care and personal essentials: One of my favorites is where with our VetRewards Exclusive, you can get 20% OFF on your entire shopping basket plus get free shipping no matter the size of your order. You still get your ExtraCare savings and points combined or any weekly site promotions, too.Your family can save on key essentials such as health care and personal hygiene items, toiletries, haircare and makeup shipped free to your home.

  • Update your home office for remote work: Working from home is new to many of us and it’s much easier if you have the right equipment. The deepest VetRewards savings offers from SamsungDellAppleLenovoVerizon and AT&T can make a new laptop or desktop, or mobile device more affordable, so you can do your best remote work or for your kid’s remote schooling. 

  • In-home dining options to order in: Our at-home lifestyles mean cooking a lot more, but when the family needs a change of pace, delight them with savings on prepared meals, steaks, poultry & desserts delivered to your home. Shop with 30% OFF Stock Yards for steaks and desserts and Harry & David for pre-made meals, meat, seafood, cheeses, and healthy fruit baskets from the 1800Flowers family of brands or SeaBear Smokehouse for wild North Pacific salmon and seafood. These partners are currently not experiencing inventory shortages and shipping delays that you may have with your local market or providers.

Finally, these closing thoughts: Even a couple of months ago, I would have never imagined our world would be turned upside down because of this pandemic. I am encouraged by the newest moves to bring in our armed forces to help out, our medical teams in uniform, our national guard and reserves, into some of the most highly impacted regions. We can deploy our forces that have been highly trained in the logistics and discipline our nation needs to prevail, as it has done time and time again, when we have been at war.

And, at Veterans Advantage, as always we are committed to supporting our active duty forces and their families who are eligible for Veterans Advantage benefits, and over the coming months to the safety and comfort of you and your family by offering 50% OFF for each of your family members to also enjoy VetRewards.

Respectfully yours,

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Lin Higgins
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Veterans Advantage, PBC
A Registered Public Benefit Corporation

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