Veterans Advantage Reviews COVID Scam Protection


I want to take a moment to update you as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep us at home for another week of social distancing. We assure you that it doesn’t stop us from working to keep you healthy, safe, and connected in these challenging days. At Veterans Advantage, our commitment to you continues. 

As always, we are working to embrace every opportunity to make this time easier and to protect you and your family. We sincerely hope that Veterans Advantage is playing a part in helping you and your loved ones stay healthy at home during this global pandemic. Let us know how VetRewards is helping you so we can share your feedback and tips with fellow members

We’re doing our part to make our exclusive savings on services more accessible, especially for discounts on household essentials. VetRewards offers from essential businesses like CVS and Target, among numerous others, bring you big savings in the items you need at home today. You can add your family members at 50% OFF so they can also get these savings

This week, we also launched a timely new VetRewards Exclusive offer with 70% OFF credit monitoring from TransUnion, one of our nation’s largest credit reporting agencies. We worked to create this benefit so you can preserve your credit score by protecting yourself against fraud, such as COVD-19 scams that can threaten to hurt your credit rating. TransUnion's monitoring service, which normally runs $24.95 per month, is available exclusively with VetRewards for only $7.95 monthly, saving you $204 for a year of credit monitoring. 

Your perks also include our free drug discount plan, saving you as much as 65% on your prescriptions at over 55,000 pharmacy chains nationwide. You can call into the pharmacy to get your drug discounts with the info on the back of your VetRewards Card. You can then drive up to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy window or have your prescription delivered to your home. You can add your family members at 50% OFF because they are also eligible for these perks.

As we continue to try to flatten the curve of COVID-19, it is more important than ever to limit our contact to maintain our health. Like most pharmacies, many of our partners are also making changes to better serve your contactless needs during COVID-19, such as drive-up purchasing, or free delivery and free shipping perks. We are updating the Military Discounts Marketplace with these new partner services as they become available. 

While some say we have turned a corner with COVID-19, there’s still a long road ahead to returning to regular life. For the time being, we hope our savings on household essentials, contactless shopping benefits, and financial protection service savings will help us in maintaining our stay-at-home lifestyles during COVID-19. 

On behalf of our entire team, Lin and I thank you for your support of Veterans Advantage. We look forward to continuing to serve you with the most trusted military benefits as our world battles COVID-19. 


Respectfully yours,

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Scott Higgins
Vietnam War Veteran
Co-Founder and Co-CEO
Veterans Advantage, PBC

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