Scott's View: Why Is Veterans Day Important? A Look at its 100th Anniversary

Scott's View

November 11, 2019 is the 100th anniversary of Veteran’s Day, honoring all of those who have served our country in war or peace. This significant commemorative day was originally known as Armistice Day, marking the end of World War I. More in our Cover Story about the history of Veterans Day, written by noted military historian  Raymond E. Bell Jr. PhD, Brigadier General, United States Army, Retired, and a Vietnam War Veteran. General Bell’s daughter, Cynthia Bell-Bucha is our Director, Content and Events at Veterans Advantage. 

This year’s Veterans Day is less than a month away and celebrates our eighth annual Veterans Week NYC, which Veterans Advantage was proud to have founded with members of our Advisory Board. The events this year are highlighted by the New York City Veterans Day parade, the largest celebration of service in the nation. Lin and I and our staff will be traveling up Fifth Avenue on the Veterans Advantage float to the cheers of hundreds of thousands. Come join us! Space is limited, so contact us here to reserve a spot

When we started Veterans Advantage 20 years ago, we still had World War I veterans alive in America, although the numbers were dwindling fast. Now history is repeating for our WWII vets, and the lesson is ours to learn once again. We must remember and thank them for their service while they are still with us. It will mean the world to them, and so important for us and our country to do so. 

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