Scott's View: Remembering Pearl Harbor 80 Years Later

Scott's View

December 7 is the 80th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. For millions of Americans, the world changed that day. 16 million Americans were sent to Europe and the Pacific. They fought with strength and courage unmatched in all of human history. And against great odds, they prevailed.

World War II gave rise to what we famously call “The Greatest Generation,” men who went to war overseas and the women who went to the factories to support the war effort. 

Every time we pause to remember World War II, I’m reminded of how few veterans of that war are still with us. So, when you see a WWII Veteran, be sure to ask them about their service and thank them. Tell them how deeply grateful we are.

To learn more about Pearl Harbor, check out this article we published in 2019 -- “5 Facts You May Not Know About Pearl Harbor”.

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