Scott’s View: VE Day Reminds Us of the Promise of Peace in Europe

Scott Higgins

Next Sunday is the 77th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day, popularly known as "VE Day." It represents the victory of the Allied forces, led by our American G.I. 's, over Nazism and the final end of the war in Europe. Celebrations erupted around the world. The nearly six year war had cost the lives of millions; destroyed homes, families, and cities; and brought huge suffering to the populations of entire countries.

Several months later, VJ Day was declared with victory over Japan, and peace was at hand.

After decades of peace, we again have a war in Europe. This war, like the last one, is senseless and a tragedy of epic proportions. We pray for peace to come to Ukraine and that peace may ultimately prevail. It is personal for us; Veterans Advantage has six employees in Ukraine. We stand with them and we stand with Ukraine. Our WWII veterans and their families fought to keep Europe free. Their sacrifices must not be in vain.

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