Scott's View: Helping You Stock Up on Supplies During COVID-19

Scott's View

During this time of national crisis, each of us have a role to play, from keeping ourselves and our families safe and healthy to helping protect others. Veterans Advantage is doing its part to help you navigate the hectic world of shopping with its 150+ partners-- to keep refrigerators and cabinets full and home offices fully equipped, during this time of great uncertainty. It’s our job to help you save money, embrace life and thrive.

Veterans Advantage confers TopVet status on remarkable individuals who have served in the military and gone on to great accomplishments in business, in part due to the lessons learned in the military. This week we honor Dan Schultz. Dan was inspired during his youth to drop his surfboard and join the U.S. Marine Corps to fly helicopters! The Corps changed his life and today he is the President of Sikorsky, the Defense contractor who helps protect us day in and day out. A big Hoorah to Dan!

I hope wherever you are – whether at home with loved ones or on the front lines fighting this pandemic – that you are staying healthy and safe.

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