A Message from Our Founders: Shop Safely in Stores

Lin Higgins

Almost exactly four months ago, our world changed overnight. The coronavirus pandemic changed everything, quickly forcing us to make our essential shopping purchases online or carefully limit our time and potential for exposure in stores. 

Even though businesses have now widely reopened around the country, many areas continue to have coronavirus spikes in cases. As a nation, we continue to experience ongoing uncertainty about our safety while shopping in stores. 

We appreciate that many brick-and-mortar stores are trying to help by minimizing physical contact and establishing required protocols for safe shopping. We’re also trying to do our part with a 50% OFF COVID-19 sale to ensure it’s as easy to shop our partner deals with certainty and safety and get access to your exclusive discounts

Our work with our partner, 7-Eleven, is a great example. Our team has worked with the 7-Eleven team to integrate your Veterans Advantage account with your 7 Eleven accounts securely and seamlessly. Today, when you shop in 7-Eleven stores to save with our 7-Eleven offers, you can keep safe with a totally contactless way to redeem your savings. 

To rack up exclusive 7-Eleven Bonus Points in the 7Rewards loyalty program, you simply scan a barcode from your mobile phone when you make a purchase and minimize your contact at the store register. Because your accounts are linked already, 7-Eleven will instantly know you are qualified for your Bonus Points and apply them to your 7Rewards account.

We find that 7-Eleven is our fastest and most convenient way to shop and save for food & household essentials during COVID-19. You can drop in and quickly pick up your milk, food, eggs, pet food, detergent, or perhaps grab whatever items you forgot to pick up earlier or left off your weekly shopping list. All you need to do is wear your mask and swipe your phone! 

You can also grab a quick snack or drink for yourself during the day from an incredibly wide selection of food and treats, including the 7Select Heat and Eat sandwiches, taquitos, Big Bite hotdogs, candy, which is always popular, Coke and Pepsi products, chips, health bars, and, of course, the Big Gulp! 

How does it all work? Once you enroll in VetRewards, its’ super easy to link your Veterans Advantage member account to your 7Rewards account with your 7-Eleven app account. Next, just open the 7-Eleven app on your phone anytime you need to shop, put in your location, and you’ll be shown all the nearby participating stores where you can earn your Bonus Points by swiping your phone. 

What’s the deal for Bonus Points in the 7Rewards loyalty program for VetRewards? First of all, when you log in to your 7-Eleven app for the first time, you’ll get 800 Bonus Points just to get started. 

Next, 7-Eleven awards you as a basic Veterans Advantage member an exclusive 300 Bonus Points in 7Rewards every time you spend $10 or more. Just shop at any of its convenience stores anywhere in the country to get these extra points in addition to any other points you earn with your purchases. 

You’ll be awarded even more 7Rewards bonus points when you are enrolled as a VetRewards subscriber. With VetRewards, you get more than 3 times more points! Every time you spend $10+, you get an exclusive 1000 Bonus Points. You can redeem 1000+ points for free in-store items like cheeseburgers, nachos, salad entrees, and breakfast sandwiches. 

It really gets fun as you start to win free things like a medium Slurpee drink or a fresh hot pizza slice. The 7-Eleven app also shows you a clear menu of rewards as you rack up points and fun specials that change from week to week. Or you can buy a particular combination of snacks, so you’ll earn extra points that add up in your ‘app wallet’ and spend on your next store visit. 

During COVID-19, we want to do our part, so you’re eligible for our best deal ever with 50% OFF 12 months of VetRewards. Whether you are active duty, retiree, guard, reserve, military veteran, or a family member enrolled in Veterans Advantage, you can enjoy exclusive savings benefits, especially with a VetRewards subscription as over a million members have been doing since February, 2001. 

With VetRewards, we send you a VetRewards Benefits Directory as your handy savings guide along with your online access in the Military Discounts Marketplace on VeteransAdvantage.com for easy redemption of benefits and savings, like those at 7-Eleven. 

Or you can reach out to our live U.S. based team with any questions (many of us are veterans or family members, ourselves) during extended hours Monday through Friday 9 am-9 pm at 1-866-VET-ASSIST (1-866-838-2774). We’d love to hear from you! 

We hope you have found our 7-Eleven partner tip helpful for staying safe while saving. Our Veterans Advantage team wishes for you and your loved ones to remain healthy as we continue to move through this pandemic. We are grateful for your service to our country and thank you for being part of our community at Veterans Advantage! 

Respectfully yours, 

Lin Higgins

Lin Higgins
Co-Founder & Co-CEO
Veterans Advantage, PBC
A Registered Public Benefit Corporation

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