Lin's Tips: Save More by Combining VetRewards Discounts with Coupons and Promotions

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One of my favorite ways to save more money using my VetRewards Card is to combine our Exclusive Vetrewards Discounts with manufacturers and in-store coupons or promotions. It’s pretty shocking how much you can save when you do this!

As a great example, Scott and I recently both needed new electric toothbrushes. I knew CVS/pharmacy was running a promotion for 30% off of all online purchases, so we bought the CVS brand rechargeable sonic toothbrushes that have the UV sanitizing charging base. They retail for $59.99. I used our VetRewards discount, and we had a total savings of $52.79 - that’s close to 2-for-1, plus free shipping! 

With this one purchase, I nearly covered my VetRewards member fee for the year.

Catherine Saxton, a VetRewards member from New York City, recently wrote us about a similar experience:

"Unbelievable! Lord in Heaven – We are all blessed by Veterans Advantage! I followed Lin's advice and went to CVS/pharmacy online – Amazing. I used a buy one/get one free CVS coupon combined with my VetRewards discount. No taxes, applied my coupons, and received 30% savings with Veterans Advantage. I hate going into stores and this is so easy, and delivered to my door."

We get thank you letters from members like Catherine who have saved by combining our discounts with coupons all the time! Do you know of a great promotion going on that you have successfully combined with your VetRewards discount? Please let us know so we can spread the word to our other members!!!

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