Lin's Tips: How I Saved the Price of VetRewards in One Office Depot Order

Office Depot/ Office Max Order Savings

VetRewards members are constantly emailing us to tell us that they have saved the price of their membership within one purchase. We do everything we can to keep membership dues low, and it is amazing to see how grateful our members are, and how much money we are saving them in their daily lives!

I wanted to share a recent experience I had when ordering a few things for our Salt Lake Office. It made me think about how helpful our membership can be for business owners and even families. I know, as a business owner, that every penny counts!

I was ordering some last-minute supplies from Office Depot/Office Max, one of our VetRewards Exclusive Discount Partners, and I saved close to the cost of a 12-month VetRewards membership in one order! Office Depot/Office Max offers 20% and free shipping on all orders over $35 for our members to offer A Real Thank You™ for their service. When I applied the discount it knocked $54.05 off of my $212.98 order. 

It just goes to show that no matter how long I am a VetRewards member, I still greatly appreciate the money it saves me on everyday purchases like this one, as well as big-ticket items like flights, vacation packages, and even Ford trucks!

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