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The Service™ is the Veterans Advantage Community blog for those who serve, those who care, and those who want to connect to all things military

care packages Military & Vet Life 5 Ways to Help Our Troops, Military Families, and Veterans in Need this Holiday Season Many veterans return from duty to lead full lives with successful careers. But it’s important to keep in mind, especially during the holidays, that some military and veterans do not have a strong support system. Many of our brothers and sisters struggle with Post Traumatic Stress, are alone for the holidays or, sadly, have struggled to find employment and don’t even have a home this winter. 
POPS Christmas Concert Military & Vet Life Scott's View: Philly POPS Salute Military and First Responders with Free Christmas Concert Last Friday, December 1st, Lin and I were lucky enough to attend the Philly POPS annual holiday benefit concert I’ll Be Home for Christmas: A Salute to the Military and First Responders, as guests of HeroVet Chuck Widger (hyperlink to Chuck’s profile) and his spouse Barbara. For the fourth year, the 65-piece POPS orchestra kicked off it’s Christmas concert season by hosting free tickets for 2,000 members of the military, veterans, police and fire departments, and their families. 
Geoff and Brandi Bell at the Harvest Festival Military & Vet Life Member Stories: Geoff Bell, Army Vet, Helps Save Lives After Mandalay Bay Shooting in Las Vegas “We were in the VIP section on the right side of the stage. I wasn’t concerned at first because the shots sounded really high-pitched, like a Black Cat firework, not like a gun at all,” Geoff remembers. “But then the guy beside us got shot and I knew that something was going on. He [Steven Paddock] shot off 10 rounds, then another 10 rounds, and then 20 rounds, and then it sounded like he went through like a 50 round belt or 100 rounds because it just kept going.
family moving Military & Vet Life The Ultimate Military Moving Guide for Your Next PCS When you receive a Permanent Change of Station Order (PCS), it’s time to immediately jump to action! In this guide we will cover the general things you must do to prepare for your move, as well as who you'll need to contact, entitlements you likely qualify to help you plan for your move financially, and how to navigate the many moving options available to you. You can jump in no matter how short-notice your move might be and no matter how many family members (and furbabies) you are moving. You ready? Let's get started!
David Fawcett, United Airlines Captain Military & Vet Life United Airlines Captain David Fawcett Remembers 9/11 and Flight 93 This past Monday was the 16th anniversary of the tragic terrorist attacks that shook our nation on September 11th, 2001. Veterans Advantage posted a Facebook update on the 11th in remembrance of the Americans that lost their lives that day, thanking the firefighters and police who courageously responded, as well as those servicemembers who have continued to fight to defend our freedoms each and every day since.
Will Jean Harney, Army, during his service in Europe WWII Military & Vet Life Member Stories: Will Jean Harney, WWII Army Veteran and Lifelong Army Reserve Member Jean Harney Jones, of Morehead, Kentucky, wrote us this week to honor the story of her late father, Will Jean Harney, who served in the Army during WWII and spent his entire life as a service member in the Army Reserve 810 Convalescent Unit. “My father’s entire life centered around his service in the Army. It was where he made his best friends, bonded with his older brothers, and found a rewarding, lifelong career,” Jean told us.
New York Vietnam Veterans Wall Military & Vet Life The Heritage of Veterans Advantage: Part 3, Building The New York Vietnam Veterans Memorial Shortly after Scott Higgin's return from Vietnam, New York City Mayor Edward I. Koch, (a WWII veteran) asked him to volunteer to lead a Mayor’s Task Force on New York Vietnam Veterans. The Mayor's objective for the Task Force was to recommend to City Hall what could be done to right what the Mayor believed to be a terrible wrong—the failure to recognize and honor the men and women, in this case, the New Yorkers, who had served and sacrificed in the Vietnam War.
Mother with child reviewing budget Military & Vet Life Lin's Tips: The Military Spouse’s Guide to Sticking To a Strict Budget Learning to stick to a strict budget is important for anyone who is trying to pay off debt, plan for retirement, or save for a vacation or big-ticket life purchase. This can be especially true if you are a military spouse trying to make the most out of a servicemembers' salary.  To get back on track with your spending and establish healthy personal finance habits for the future, consider incorporating some of these tactics into your financial planning.

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