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Mother with child reviewing budget Military & Vet Life Lin's Tips: The Military Spouse’s Guide to Sticking To a Strict Budget Learning to stick to a strict budget is important for anyone who is trying to pay off debt, plan for retirement, or save for a vacation or big-ticket life purchase. This can be especially true if you are a military spouse trying to make the most out of a servicemembers' salary.  To get back on track with your spending and establish healthy personal finance habits for the future, consider incorporating some of these tactics into your financial planning.
business travelers in an airport Military & Vet Life Lin's Tips: My 5 Best Travel Hacks for Our Members As a military wife, mother, and businesswoman, I find myself flying often to negotiate new discount partners, spend time with family, and, every now and then, even take a vacation! Over the years I have had many negative travel experiences, and have learned a few tricks for making any trip I take more enjoyable and less stressful. Whether you manage a business like me or are taking a fun vacation with the family, I hope these tips will help you! Here are my top 5 hacks.
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