Scott's View: Looking forward to November and Veterans Day 2022

Scott Higgins

Did you know only one Seabee has received the Medal of Honor in the history of our country? With the Navy’s birthday yesterday, read about Marvin Shield and his extraordinary acts of heroism in Vietnam, 1965, an article reprinted from our friends of We are the Mighty. 

The calendar says we are two weeks away from November, and that historically has been a meaningful time for our Veterans Advantage members. Veterans Day is November 11, and we’re committed to a month full of exclusive opportunities to thank you for your service to the country. 

Since 2012, we have been big supporters of Veterans Day in New York City, hosting events and attending events with fellow members in the area and creating “Veterans Week.” This Veterans Day, we are expanding our commitment to include new ways to recognize you no matter where you live.

Expect live streaming events, new offer launches, Veterans Day deals, and exclusive offers on VetRewards subscriptions. As a subscriber to our newsletter, you’ll hear more soon. Stay tuned!

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