Scott's View: How to Use Our Exclusive Offers at 7-Eleven Stores Nationwide


Summer often means a time for vacations and other outdoor activities. And no doubt, in this high-price economy, you’re looking for a price break on a quick meal or snack when you’re traveling. That’s why you should take advantage of our exclusive benefits with 7-Eleven stores! Run by Army Veteran Joe DePinto, 7-Eleven has a long history of honoring the military and veterans. We’re proud to have partnered with 7-Eleven. 

Simply connect your VetRewards account with the 7-Eleven 7Rewards mobile app (it’s easy), and you can get 1000 Bonus Points with each $10 in-store purchase. And here’s a shopping tip: if you’re spending more than $10 on any visit, split your shopping cart into multiple $10 purchases to stack these 1000 Bonus Points rewards multiple times during the same visit.

These points add up fast and are good to redeem free stuff! Check out these current offers: At the 1000 point level, you can get a free breakfast sandwich, 2000 points gets you a free chicken sandwich or cheeseburger, 3000 points qualifies you for free energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, and at 4000 points you can get a whole pizza, free chicken wings, or fresh salad entree!

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