Scott's View: Learn about “The Siren’s Call and Second Chances” and our New Benefit with YourMechanic

Scott's View

We hope you enjoy this week's Cover Story about Tom and Joan Kelley. Many of you know Tom for his acts of heroism that made him a Medal of Honor recipient. You may also be interested in knowing his long and winding road to find a soulmate, and a fellow Navy veteran. Go Navy!

I am almost done with the book, and I have found it terrific. What's neat is that it is a surprising departure from your typical military memoir. It's filled with the test and tribulations that vets can normally associate with, while also touching on deeply personal and emotional themes that give one hope on the power of human relationships and family life.

We also want to give a special shout-out to our latest Veterans Advantage partner, Your Mechanic. It has developed a pioneering technology that brings a more personalized experience to the messy business of getting your car repaired. Better pricing, more transparency, and the convenience of having a mechanic visit your home or office - so you no longer have to go through the logistics of car drop-offs and pickups ever again.

You can get started today with a special $20 discount because you are a Veterans Advantage member. Check it out today

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