Greg Islan Veterans Advantage Awards HeroVet: Greg Islan, on College Tuition Millions of Americans carry the heavy burden of making college tuition payments in an era of skyrocketing educational expenses. We all need help, but for the families of fallen servicemen, sending children to college can be an extraordinary challenge. Greg Islan’s goal is to meet that critical challenge, offering financial assistance to dependents surviving the death of a parent in uniform. His hard work and persistence in promoting this program sends a strong, patriotic message and demonstrates his resolve to stand behind the men and women who protect and defend our freedoms and care for those left behind.
Art Goodearl Veterans Advantage Awards HeroVet: Art Goodearl, teacher Each year at about this time, millions of students graduate across the country, a magical and memorable time for so many American families. It’s also a time we acknowledge those who make it happen-our teachers. In the Army’s own Art Goodearl, we honor those who teach our young people to go the extra mile, and help them develop the skills they need to become young adults and to survive life’s ups and downs beyond just a strong SAT score.
Captain Pamela M. Iovino Veterans Advantage Awards HeroVet: Capt. Pamela M. Iovino, U.S. Navy (Ret) Any beltway expert will tell you—supporting our nation’s Veterans out of Washington DC is tough work. There are multi-billion dollar budgets, a global war on terror, and the political skirmishes around the capitol, all of which can make the DC area a tricky battlefield itself. For all of those reasons, we honor one of the US Department of Veterans Affairs’ top leaders, Pamela M. Iovino, Assistant Secretary for Congressional Affairs, for her tireless service on behalf of those who’ve served. Rounding out over two-years assisting two VA S
Dave Karnes Veterans Advantage Awards HeroVet: David Karnes, Marine Corps and 9/11 Hero There’s no such thing as an "ex-Marine," as they say in the Corps. And on the eve of a highly touted 9/11 movie release, one of the heroes of the film clearly epitomizes these words. David W. Karnes, a 23-year veteran of the Marine Corps is at the center of the movie ’World Trade Center,’ a recounting of his heroic action after two planes slammed into New York City’s Twin Towers on a fateful day that transformed the lives of millions. A Deloitte & Touche Senior CPA on 9/10/2001, Karnes was a Marine again on 9/11—the events spurred him to re-enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve and today, he serves in Iraq.

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