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AAMCO Announces Veteran Discount of $8,000 on the Purchase of a New AAMCO Franchise

AAMCO LogoAAMCO supports our Veterans with a special program designed to make the transition from military to business ownership possible. As a result, AAMCO is offer an $8,000 credit towards the purchase of a new AAMCO franchise.

As the largest group of active duty military personnel in a decade prepares to enter civilian life, many in the military are searching for a job or business for the next stage in their lives.

AAMCO, a longtime supporter of our armed forces, has taken an aggressive step forward to help those who have been there to help us; our Veterans. Effective immediately, AAMCO will provide an $8,000 credit to any Veteran who purchases a new AAMCO franchise. In addition, as a registered SBA franchise, Veterans may qualify for automatic approval of an SBA loan to help start their business.

According to Mike Sumsky, AAMCO’s President, "this $8,000 subsidy is the most generous from any franchisor that we’re aware of". Sumsky continued, "For years it’s been clear that Veterans make outstanding franchisees. In fact, some of the most successful operators within the AAMCO system are Veterans. It is truly a win-win scenario. We help our Veterans to start their own successful business and in return we get a dedicated, hard working, long term individual who becomes a successful part of the AAMCO family." Further, "There are many synergies between the automotive aftermarket, in particular operating an AAMCO center, and the skills and discipline that Veterans often acquired while on active duty. It’s a natural fit."

In fact, AAMCO’s numerous Veteran owners exemplify the concept that owning an AAMCO center can lead to success for Veterans seeking to own and operate a business and not just work for someone else.

Rob Biller (Chesapeake, VA), retired Coast Guard, bought his AAMCO even before he was actually retired. "I didn’t want to work for someone else; I wanted to be my own boss. The support was there for the things I didn’t know, there was always someone to go to." Rob says, "In the government you don’t always have exposure to how business really operates so you need assistance from someone who’s already done it, a franchise is the perfect place to get that support, particularly AAMCO."

Dean Black (Jacksonville, FL), retired Air Force, was looking for a business that allowed him the time to be a part of his children’s lives, a husband to his wife and an integrated member of his community. "I wanted a business that I would own, not one that would own me. What good is money if you have no life?" Dean goes on to explain that "Veterans have a distinct advantage in the AAMCO business model. I can’t think of a better recruit to own an AAMCO center than Veterans coming out of military service."

Veterans don’t need to be serving on active duty in order to qualify for the $8,000 discount. Any Veteran who can substantiate their service in any branch of the US military qualifies for this substantial benefit.

AAMCO has been a longtime supporter of our armed forces, and we have taken aggressive steps to help those who have been there to help us: our Veterans. Click Here to learn more. You've shown sacrifice, let us show appreciation!

About AAMCO Transmissions:
AAMCO Transmissions is the world’s largest chain of transmission specialists and one of the leaders in total car care services. AAMCO has approximately 900 automotive centers throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Established in 1962, AAMCO is proud to have served more than 35 million drivers. 

SOURCE: Yahoo News Press Release

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