Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for
Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families
Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families

Veterans Advantage Plan Benefits

Travel Reservations for Veterans, Military & Families

Your VetRewards Card delivers exclusive travel savings on airlines, hotels, rental cars, trains, buses, luxury resorts, cruise lines, and travel packages in the U.S. and worldwide.












VETERANS ADVANTAGE OurCAREPackage: In addition to our partner discounts, Veterans Advantage thanks you with our OurCAREPackage. We pre-purchase this benefit coverage and deliver these benefits to you -- at no additional cost.

Importantly, this valuable benefit coverage is worth more than $1000 annually, so you recoup your member fees with your coverage, even if you never redeem a single member discount:


*You are eligible for this insurance coverage whenever you travel more than 100 miles from your primary residence, whether for business or leisure travel. Please activate and print out the appropriate travel documents before departure and carry them with you.

NOTE: These insurance products and travel services are provided under our group insurance policy from AIG, a worldwide leader in insurance which would cost you hundreds of dollars if purchased independently. We include these benefits with your membership at no additional charge as a thank you from Veterans Advantage.

I am U.S. Active Duty, Retired
Military, National Guard, Reserve,
U.S. Armed Forces Veteran or
former National Guard or Reserve.
I am next-of-kin​ family: Spouse,
father, mother, brother, sister, son, 
or daughter of a U.S. 
Servicemember or Veteran
(living or deceased).




Tom Heaney, COL, U. S. Army (Ret): I've taken two trips using Veterans Advantage. My wife and I were able to save money for a trip to Phoenix, AZ to attend our son's graduation from ASU. Also, we (my wife, our youngest son, and I) traveled to Japan to visit our oldest son who's an officer in the Navy serving in Japan.

We appreciate the program, it has been beneficial for my family. Thank you.


D.M.W., Knoxville, TN: Just returned from a 15 day trip around the country using rental cars and Amtrak and staying in hotels...Basically I recouped my membership fee during this trip.


Thomas Smith, Houston, TX: As a Vietnam veteran I am very pleased with your initiation of the Veteran's Advantage program. I currently have four flights booked and plan on several more already for the year. I also appreciated the discounts offered by the various other companies that support the program. Thank you very much for recognizing our service and helping myself and my fellow veterans.


V.G., San Diego, CA: You’ve got a true [customer service] professional at your company. I had inquired about the VA travel benefits. The individual with whom I had conversations is a person true to her word. Most often when communicating on the Web you’re lost in the shuffle. I was not! I was kept informed every step of the way.


Richard Damm, US Navy Veteran, Baldwin Harbor, NY, Member Since 2003: I am thankful for my Veterans Advantage Card; especially when traveling and at the pharmacy. It has paid for itself within the first 3 months I have had it.


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For less than $5 a month you save every day on real brand names:


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