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HeroVet Awards are bestowed on Military Veterans, who produce a greater good, or significantly gives back to their communities, through ongoing service or leadership.

The HeroVet is the Veteran who, having given service in our military, is distinguished by their continued contributions to the betterment of society.

TopVet is a distinction awarded to Military Veterans who, after having served their country, further distinguished themselves through their extraordinary leadership in their chosen profession.

TopVets are Veterans that best represent the honor and value of service to our county, as they are often guided to their top positions by the experiences and skills gained from their military service.

TopRanks are men and women who are continuing to make distinguished contributions as part of the U.S. Military.

VetFamily honors those men and women of high achievement in the public or private sector, whose family includes a veteran or active duty serviceperson.

We at Veterans Advantage recognize that when one member of the family serves, the whole family serves and sacrifices.

CelebVet recognizes the men and women who have served our country and later achieved fame in areas of entertainment, music and the arts.

I am U.S. Active Duty, Retired Military,
National Guard, Reserve, U.S. Armed
Forces Veteran or former National
Guard or Reserve.
I am next-of-kin family: Spouse, father,
mother, brother, sister, son, or
daughter of a U.S. Servicemember
or Veteran (living or deceased).