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Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families
Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families

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Veterans Advantage Career Tips: 5 Important Steps For Job Search Success

Veterans Advantage invites veteran friendly employers nationwide to post their open positions for free and for unlimited periods. As a Veteran, when you post your resume, you are assured that your military skills and background are welcomed with these employers, and the skills and experience you gain in the military are in high demand. Finding the best fit with a prospective employer requires you to describe your military experiences in terms the employer understands and appreciates.

You will want to do your best to translate those skills and experiences into civilian job criteria. You've likely gained a wide variety of skills in the military. Your job when writing your resume is to highlight your assets for employers. Include examples of the following types of skills:

Technical skills. Military occupations such as a telecommunications technician, financial management technician, mechanic, healthcare specialist all have closely related civilian careers.
Discipline skills. The discipline skills that you developed in the military are highly valued by civilian employers.
Leadership skills. Any leadership experience or training that you acquired in the military is also highly valued by civilian employers.

Just don't overlook your valuable military skills on your resume!

Veterans Advantage has highlighted below the best resources designed specifically to assist veterans. Use the following five steps to help you identify your strengths and career possibilities, build a great resume, and obtain the best job for you: 

Spend some time accessing the resources on the DOD's TurboTap site.


This site is the Department of Defense' Official Site for its Transition Assistance Program. Start by listening to the career decision toolkit here.

If you have already attended the DOD transition workshops, this is a good place to get a refresher. It's all here in the free online toolkit, including modules on:

• Job Search Success,
• Career Exploration,
• Effective Resumes and Cover Letters,
• Interviewing Excellence,
• Negotiating Your Ideal Compensation, and more

If you have served in the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force, go to the Department of Defense's Verification of Military Experience and Training Web Site.

From this site, you can get your "VMET-DD Form 2586" which will provide verification of any job skills and experience you acquired while on active duty that may have application to your employment in the civilian sector. This document will list your military job experience and training history, recommended college credit information, and civilian equivalent job titles.

Go to the Military Transition area of CareerOneStop, a site run by the U. S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration

There are many very useful links particularly one which will help you identify civilian occupations that match your military service occupation, skills and experience. Even if you have already identified a civilian job you are interested in, this tool can provide you with lists of skills and work activities that you may want to include on your resume. Check out these helpful links:

Match Military Experience to Civilian Occupations
Get Credentials, Certifications and Licenses
Write a Resume

Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs transitioning website: VetSuccess.gov.

There are many resource links that you can access right from the homepage. Receive tips and suggestions that lead to successful job interviews:

Common Questions
What to Do When it's Done
More Tips

Learn how to write the best resume and cover letter for any position:

What is a Resume?
What is a Cover Letter?
More Tips

Offline Services

If you are seeking help and resources for your job search in your local area, VetSuccess has a finder map that displays the local Department of Veterans Affairs resources for Veterans and other independent service providers to assist in their transition into civilian careers post military service.




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