Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for
Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families
Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families

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Movie Theater Ticket Discounts for Veterans Advantage Members

Save at leading theaters nationwide

Member Discount
Enjoy big screen fun with discounted movie Tickets. Veterans Advantage Members are eligible for discounted movie tickets everyday of the year.

Get This Deal
As a Veterans Advantage member, you can save up to 48% off the box office price at most major theater chains nationwide. Your discounted tickets can be redeemed at the local theater location.

Want to go to the movies today? Some tickets are available through electronic delivery, so you can print your discounted tickets and use right away!

Check out a selection of the offers below:

Cinemark Platinum e-Supersaver
Regal Premiere E-Ticket- Electronic delivery of your tickets!
Regal VIP E-Ticket: No Delivery Fee – Limited Supply!
AMC® Gold E-Ticket
AMC Theatres® Entertainment Pack: 2 tickets + $10 gift card!
AMC® Gift Card
AMC® Gold Tickets:Save up to 38%
Angelika Film Center: Part of City Cinemas
Bow Tie Cinemas:Save up to 29%
Century Theatres: Part of Cinemark
CinéArts: Part of Cinemark
Cinema de Lux Prestige Tickets:Part of Showcase
Cinemark Concession Supersaver: Save up to 21%
Cinemark Movie and Concession Bundle: 2 tickets + Concession voucher!
Cinemark Platinum Supersaver:Save up to 26%
City Cinemas: Save up to 37%
Clearview Cinemas: Now part of Bow-Tie Cinemas
Crown Theatres: Now Part of Bow Tie Cinemas
Dickinson Theatres: Save up to 37%
Eastern Federal Theatres Now Regal Entertainment Group
Edwards Cinemas Now Regal Entertainment Group
Frank Theatres Platinum Supersaver Tickets Save up to 20%
Harkins Classic VIP Tickets:Save up to 30%
Harkins Ultimate VIP Tickets Valid for 3D films starting before 6PM!
Landmark:Save up to 32%
Loews/Cineplex Entertainment--Now Part of AMC Theatres
Malco Theatres VIP Tickets Save up to 29%
Marcus Theatres Platinum Save up to 19%
Pacific Theatres Save up to 45%
Rave Cinemas--Now part of AMC, Carmike, and Cinemark
Reading Cinemas --Part of City Cinemas
Regal Entertainment Group Ultimate Movie Pack :2 tickets + $10 concession card
Regal Premiere Movie Ticket Save up to 39%
Regal VIP Movie Ticket Limited inventory left - Buy Now!
Showcase Prestige Tickets Save up to 30%
Showplace Theatres / Star Theatres --Now Part of AMC Theatres
Star Theatres VIP (Michigan) Now Part of AMC Theatres
The Redbox Card More than 35,900 locations nationwide!
Tinseltown -- Part of Cinemark
UltraStar Cinemas (California & Arizona) Save up to 38% plus FREE shipping!
United Artists -- Now Regal Entertainment Group
Universal Cineplex Oasis (California) Now Part of AMC Theatres

IMPORTANT: ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL, so please make your purchase carefully. Inquire with your local theater for the theater chain whether you are eligible for a better discount based on other criteria, such as senior status. Typically, tickets are mailed within 1 - 2 business days and can be used upon receipt or through electronic delivery for immediate use.

How to Receive Your Movie Ticket Military Savings

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  • Renewals: Re-activate your Veterans Advantage Member Account or add extra months to your Member Plan for Movie Ticket savings and continued Veterans Advantage benefits coverage.
I am U.S. active duty or retired
military, National Guard or reservist, 
or an armed forces veteran.  
I am next-of-kin family: spouse,
father, mother, brother, sister, son 
or daughter of a U.S.service member 
or veteran (living or deceased).



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