Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for
Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families
Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families

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Prepaid Accident Insurance

$5,000 AD&D Insurance Plan - Be Prepared - Activate Your Plan Today!

Chartis military service insurance for Veterans AdvantageNo one likes to think about it. But accidents are a part of everyday life.

When accidents happen, their financial impact can be devastating. Your Veterans Advantage AD&D plan with up to $5,000 in insurance coverage is just one more way your membership can help ensure financial protection is available for you and your loved ones.

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AD&D Plan Benefits

To help protect you and your family from the unforeseen financial hardship of a serious accident that causes death or dismemberment, your Veterans Advantage AD&D coverage delivers you the following valuable benefits:

  • Up to $5,000 in coverage, depending upon the injury or loss.
  • No physical exam required.
  • Coverage for all age groups.
  • Great supplemental insurance--benefits are paid in addition to any other insurance coverage you may already have.
  • Coverage 24/7, worldwide, whether you are home or away, or on or off the job.
  • Provided through your membership with no additional fees or charges for coverage.
  • Additional family members seeking insurance coverage need to also be a Veterans Advantage member. To add family memberships, please call us toll-free 1-866-838-2774.

Eligibility and Coverage

As a member of Veterans Advantage, you are eligible for this plan. You simply enroll to activate your coverage. You cannot be declined for medical reasons--as long as a you are Veterans Advantage Card member, you are eligible for coverage under our group insurance policy, regardless of your age or health.

No matter how careful you are, accidents do happen. Accidental injury remains the number one cause of death for people under 40 and the fifth leading cause of death for all ages1. While no one can predict when or where an accident may occur, you can be prepared with your insurance coverage from Veterans Advantage.

As a Veterans Advantage Card member, you are eligible for coverage from our $5,000 AD&D insurance plan under our group policy. There are no additional member fees or charges for coverage. You cannot purchase this plan independent of your membership. This plan will provide you with protection in the event of an accidental death or a covered injury. It is designed to reduce the financial burdens associated with an accident that causes the loss of life, limb, or sight.

No one likes to think about the worst occurring. However, it is a comfort to know that your family members can receive a death benefit in the event of a fatal accident during a business trip, vacation or recreational pursuits, or simply while going about daily activities. You will receive 24-hour-a-day coverage, 365 days a year, whether you are at home, at work or at play.

If you have loved ones whose security would be threatened if an accident took your life suddenly, or you could not earn an income owing to a dismembering disability or loss of sight, your AD&D insurance plan will deliver you a valuable financial benefit, without having to purchase additional life insurance to cover such a possibility. And, if you already have other forms of insurance, it offers an added layer of protection.

You may believe that if you do have an accident, it will most likely be on the job, and workman’s compensation benefits will provide coverage. Our plan will also pay you for accidents on the job, and provides supplemental coverage to any existing insurance. But, it is important to note that, of all the injury-related deaths in 2004 involving workers, roughly 90 percent occurred while employees were off the job.2

1National Safety Council 2005 Annual Report
22004 National Safety Council Off the Job Safety Symposium,Orlando, Fl.

How to Receive Your AD&D
Plan Military Benefit

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