Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for
Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families
Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for Active Duty Military, Veterans and Their Families

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Accredited by the Better Business Bureau since 2001, Veterans Advantage is Veteran founded and led, and is rated A+ by the BBB for our outstanding customer service and exemplary business practices. Veterans Advantage has also been warmly welcomed by the Military community. Veterans Advantage’s program integrity and our advocacy for Veterans’ privacy have earned us our reputation as “The #1 Most Trusted Name in Military Benefits”.

Since our launch on President’s Day in 2001, Veterans Advantage has issued more than one million VetRewards Cards and created millions more in savings for those who have served or continue to serve our country through our valuable services and benefits. We are not paid to advertise our partner discounts or verify their customers’ Military status. Veterans Advantage depends on its members who pay a plan fee for exclusive prepaid benefits and services, and for eligibility for partner savings from top brands with the VetRewards Card, the first Military ID built to protect Veterans’ privacy, which includes the following:

Thank You with Real Discounts: Veterans Advantage discounts are a thank you for service from our nation’s top travel and retail brands that are easy to access every day. Our partners feature Veterans Advantage discounts to be redeemed in their stores or travel locations, online and by phone, and safely verified with the VetRewards Card. Our members can save thousands annually. Veterans Advantage services are from teams trained exclusively for our members to deliver live toll-free phone and Members-Only online benefits and account services and other VIP support.

OurCAREPackage: Veterans Advantage purchases additional benefits for our member plans. Every Veterans Advantage member receives a bundle of financial, insurance and medical services valued at over $1,000, for coverage that no one should be without. Learn more here: www.veteransadvantage.com/plan

Family Benefits Coverage: Veterans Advantage and our partners recognize that when someone serves, the whole family serves. Your family can be enrolled on your plan for 50% OFF and receive a VetRewards Card with all the benefits of Veterans Advantage.

Still, you may ask, "Why do I have to pay for a member card? Why not just show my Military ID or VA Medical Card or use a free online service to get verified for a discount?"

Military and Veterans are often lured by the offer of a ‘free’ Military discount. Please be forewarned that so-called free discounts have hidden dangers that can prove to be very costly.

You may find a retailer or restaurant chain that has Military discounts, if you show or upload your DD214 or a Military ID. This requirement puts you at increased risk for ID theft. Veterans Administration and FTC studies have shown that the active duty and Veterans’ ID theft rate is double the national average due to their use of their Military government IDs as ‘proof of Military service’.

There are online sites that advertise ‘free’ Military verification services to access Military discounts. Please check out these free sites carefully. These start-up operations collect your personal information to sell to retailers to generate revenue. The site will require you to scan or upload a government ID (Retired Military ID, CAC, VA Medical Card, DD214, Military Orders) or enter highly sensitive information, such as birth date or Social Security Number, to verify your status. Your sensitive data can be easily mishandled, lost or stolen by a poorly-trained or unsupervised employee, which puts you at higher risk for identity theft, among other security risks.

Further, online ‘data-grabbers’ may claim publically and advertise on their sites that they do not sell or rent your personal information. Buried deep in the online privacy policy (which no one ever reads) is their right to share or sell it once you use the service to get your ‘free’ discount. Take the time to find and read the online “Terms & Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”, which may be hard to locate on the site, and find out how the start-ups’ employees handle your highly-sensitive data, and how your personal information is shared with retailers. Consider whether getting that ‘free’ Military discount is worth the potential risk of mishandling or misuse of your sensitive data and exposure to the nightmare costs of identity theft.

The VetRewards Card is the first ID to safeguard Veterans’ privacy. Over the past 14 years, Veterans Advantage proprietary verify technology has successfully protected Veterans’ privacy when redeeming our partner discounts.

When you enroll in Veterans Advantage, we do not require highly sensitive personal information that can compromise your identity and put you at risk. You are assigned your own non-personally identifiable VetRewards Card Member ID and a unique 10-digit Travel Discount Code. You submit only this information to redeem your partner discounts. This is the only information shared with our partners. Veterans Advantage never sells, rents or shares your personal information with our partners, or any outside parties, retailers, or advertisers. At all times, your Veteran’s privacy is fully protected.

You can safely show your VetRewards Card ID in retail locations or Member ID online, or use by toll-free phone to verify your eligibility for discounts and be protected against ID theft.

Please enroll today for greater respect, recognition and rewards delivered with the security and privacy you deserve. You may call us toll-free at 1-866-VET-REWARDS (1-866-838-7392)   Monday-Friday, 9 am - 9 pm, ET and on Saturdays 10 am - 3 pm ET or visit us online at:


Thank you for your interest in Veterans Advantage. We are grateful for you and your family’s service to our country.

I am U.S. active duty or retired
military, National Guard or reservist, 
or an armed forces veteran.  
I am next-of-kin family: spouse,
father, mother, brother, sister, son 
or daughter of a U.S.service member 
or veteran (living or deceased).



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