Exclusive Military Discounts, Benefits & Rewards for
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About Veterans Advantage

About Veterans Advantage

Veterans Advantage is a national program that partners with corporations that want to do their part to honor and thank all who serve our country. Our partner companies show their appreciation and thanks by providing preferred pricing on their goods or services everyday.

Learn more about Veterans Advantage:

1. Mission: Respect, recognition and rewards for all who served, are still serving, and their families.

2. Privacy: The VetRewards Card from Veterans Advantage is the first national military ID that safeguards your identity when you redeem military discounts.

3. History: Founded by Vietnam Veteran Scott Higgins.

4. Board of Advisors: Highly decorated veterans, still serving in the military, corporations, charitable programs, sports, and the arts.

5. Member Plan Fees: Learn about what we put into your Veterans Advantage member plan, including exclusive military discounts, and why your support allows us to serve you.

6. Testimonials: Satisfied members report and review our military and veterans benefits program every day.

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I am U.S. Active Duty, Retired Military,
National Guard, Reserve, U.S. Armed
Forces Veteran or former National
Guard or Reserve.
I am next-of-kin family: Spouse, father,
mother, brother, sister, son, or
daughter of a U.S. Servicemember
or Veteran (living or deceased).



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New Benefit Updates from Veterans Advantage

Your Veterans Advantage benefits package just got bigger! Learn more about an expansion of our popular Amtrak discount, and a new benefit from Verizon for those wanting to enroll in its Double and Triple Play home entertainment bundles. The Verizon benefit alone will save you up to $120 a year. MORE...