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Prepaid Travel Assistance Services for Global Travel Protection

Emergency Travel Insurance Free for VetRewards Card Members from Travel Guard

Travel Assist for Military Veterans with Veterans Advantage

With a cross-cultural, multilingual staff to help in any foreign location, Travel Guard Travel Assist offers you travel assistance services, at no extra charge for Veterans Advantage members, whenever and wherever emergencies arise.

Travel Guard Travel Assist delivers you emergency travel support Services When the unexpected happens, it is great to have someone there to assist you and your family. Travel Guard Travel Assist is just one toll-free phone call away when you need help. They will make all the necessary arrangements for you in the event of an emergency, plus provide valuable pre-departure travel assistance, including:

  • Emergency Message Center: Leave or receive messages from anywhere in the world with Travel Guard Travel Assist to facilitate communications needed during an emergency.
  • Pre-Departure Services: So there are no last–minute surprises, get help with immunization requirements, appropriate medical exams and treatments, passport and visa requirements, weather, and travel hazards.
  • Lost Baggage/Passport Services: Get advice on lost or delayed baggage, or replacement of a lost passport, and notification of appropriate authorities for a lost passport.
  • Insurance Coordination: Travel Guard Travel Assist  provides help in completing insurance and medical claim forms, filling out any foreign paperwork, and verifying insurance coverage.
  • Travel Medical Emergency Services: When a medical problem occurs, Travel Guard Travel Assist will help obtain local medical care, monitor the quality of the hospital treatment, maintain daily contact between local physicians providing your care and personal physicians, family, employer, etc., and provide medical records and more.
  • Emergency Cash: Travel Guard Travel Assist will coordinate getting you the cash needed in an emergency, through banks, consulates, hotels and Western Union.
  • Legal Assistance: Turn to Travel Guard Travel Assist to help with arranging local attorneys, embassies, consulates, bail, plus communications between you, your family, and your employer.

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